Earth Architecture by Ronald Rael

A book tentatively entitled "Earth Architecture" is to be published by the Princeton Architecture Press. It will feature almost 50 works by architects from 14 different countries, representing 6 continents, who have used earth as a building material in modern and contemporary architecture. The book will discuss five major categories of earthen construction: mud brick, rammed earth, compressed earth block, cob and poured earth. It will outline a history of the use of these techniques as a traditional building material and relative to the history of modern architecture.
Scheduled to appear in the book include works by well known architects such as Rick Joy, Gluckman Mayner Architects, Mauricio Rocha, Rural Studio, Glenn Murcutt, Arup Associates, Mathias Klotz, Predock-Frane Architects, Cutler Anderson Architects, Francoise Jourda/Gilles Perraudin, Reitermann and Sassenroth, Heikkinen - Komonen Architects and Yung Ho Chang, as well as important works by lesser well-known architects who have produced critical works of contemporary architecture within the theme.
The book is a culmination of research that has been funded by the Graham Foundation, The Architectural League of New York and the William F. Kinne Fund. An ongoing documentation of this topic can be found at
For more information please contact Ronald Rael.