Low Density Ceramics Produced From Paper Recycling Residuals

Case # 135

Inventor: Denis A. Brosnan
Summary: Clemson University has discovered a new method for employing waste paper residual in the production of low-density ceramics, including insulating firebrick. Traditionally, residual is only used to create low value products and most residual is sent to landfills for disposal. This ceramic production method uses these residuals to create ceramics, including insulating firebrick with significantly less environmental emissions than current production methods.
Applications: This new method for manufacturing low-density ceramics provides a lower material cost to the ceramic manufacturer and transforms waste paper residuals from garbage that is costly to landfill into valuable raw materials. This method also results in substantially less sulfur dioxide emissions, which is a significant environmental problem for traditional methods of ceramic material manufacturing.
Patent Status: U.S. Patent # 6,569,797 has issued.
Licensing: The technology is available for non-exclusive or exclusive field of use licensing.
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