Molded Composites from Cellulosic Materials

Case # 36

Inventor: David N.S. Hon

Summary: Composite materials have been successfully prepared by processing various types of thermoplastics together with paper products like cardboard, newspapers, magazines, and telephone directories. All of these materials can be readily obtained from municipal solid waste facilities.
Clemson University researchers have developed a process for preparing composite materials that does not require any prior separation or sorting of the raw materials and that can be obtained directly from municipal solid waste facilities. It is important to note that the successful utilization of these waste materials will assist in alleviating current and future overcrowded landfills. The elements that are used to produce the composite and the processing conditions result in composite materials that possess higher mechanical properties when compared to regular thermoplastics.
Additionally, the composite products manufactured resulted in no significant reduction in the molecular weight of the thermoplastics.
Applications: The composites produced can mainly be used for the manufacturing of furniture, interior automotive parts, floor products, sidings, and roofing materials.
Patent Status: U. S. Patent #5,288,772 has issued.
Licensing: The patent is available for non-exclusive or exclusive field of use licensing.
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