Restoration Ecology

Across the country, irreplaceable resources are increasingly at risk. Environmental stresses — wind, water, weather — take their toll as do population growth and urban development. Accommodating growth while preserving, restoring, and conserving natural resources is challenging, but vital to individual communities and economic strength as a whole. The Restoration Ecology Team conducts research in watershed management and restoration of compromised ecological systems. Project scope includes development of:

  • Community-based watershed planning and management programs
  • Ecosystem restoration for rivers, wetlands, and coastal environments
  • Remediation methods for abandoned industrial sites or brownfields
  • Practices to prevent and manage pollution caused by stormwater runoff
  • Forest and wildlife habitat regeneration and management emissions

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Restoration Ecology
Program Contact:

Gene W. Eidson, Ph.D.
Restoration Ecology Director
Phone: 864-710-0882

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South Carolina Water Resources Conference
October 15-16, 2014
Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center 


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