Designated as a Center of Excellence for Watershed Management by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in July of 2008, the Clemson University Center for Watershed Excellence is one of ten centers in the Southeast and the first center in the nation that focuses on using remotely sensed monitoring data, enabling scientists to collect and analyze information through this type of data network. Created in 2007 by EPA's Region 4 Water Protection Division, the Centers for Watershed Management Program utilizes the diverse talents and expertise of colleges and universities from across the Southeast to provide hands-on, practical products and services so that communities can better identify watershed problems and develop viable solutions.

The Center is taking a leadership role in water resources and watershed issues in South Carolina and is developing strong partnerships with other institutions and agencies. The Center offers hands-on support and practical products and services that will encourage growth of local stakeholder groups working toward sustainable natural resources within their watershed.

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Mission:  To promote local stakeholders' involvement in protecting and improving the natural and economic resources of their watershed.

Vision:  To involve Clemson University faculty and students in statewide watershed research and education programs that support the development and implementation of community-based, cost-effective watershed management programs.

Geographic Area:  The Center will focus on all South Carolina watersheds.