Internship opportunity

We offer a limited number of internships during the summer, and spring and fall semesters.

For more information, contact Stephanie Crette at

 Warren Lasch Conservation Center. The

WLCC Interns Past & Present

2016 Interns:

Past Interns:

Brent Fortenberry 2015
Will Chesson 2013 Clemson University
Brad Blankemeyer 2013 College of Charleston
Amy Elizabeth Uebel 2012  Historic Preservation CU & CofC
Leah Sweet 2012 MS&E Clemson University
Nicole Hofmann 2012 MS&E Clemson University
Ashley Ball 2012 Clemson University
Alexander Parenzan 2012  Chemistry Clemson University
William Glasgow  2012 MS&E Clemson University
Kate McFadden 2011-2013 USC
Cristen Greer 2011 College of Charleston
William Rudisill 2011 Chemical Engineering Clemson University
Kayla Breitwieser  2011 USC
Jonathan Doan 2010-2011 MS&E Clemson University
Nicole Monger 2010 College of Charleston
Casey Jenkins 2010 College of Charleston
Virginie Ternisien 2010 Sorbonne University (France)
Peter Campbell 2009 Eastern Carolina University
Brian Seymour 2008-2009 University of South Hampton (UK)
Jaimie Yohn 2008 Academic Magnet High School
Amy Marquardt 2008 Coe College (Iowa)
Typhaine Brocard 2008 Sorbonne University (France)
Ross Economy 2008 MS&E Clemson University
Claire Tindal 2007-2009 Grinnell College
Benjamin Rennison 2007-2008 Bristol University (UK)
America Murray 2007 & 2010 MS&E Clemson University
Dina Bazzil 2007 Eastern Carolina University
Valerie Grussing 2007 Eastern Carolina University
Helen Moore 2007 Historic Preservation CU & CofC
Lora Holland 2006 University of Western Florida
Alexis Catsambis 2006 Texas A&M
Samuel Boerema 2006 MS&E Clemson University
Gael Combernous 2005 Ecole des Mines (France)
Johanna Rivera-Diaz 2005 AMC Basel. Switzerland - Valparaiso University (Chile)
Elizabeth Sharrer 2004-2007 Costal Carolina University
Frederique Nicot 2004 Sorbonne University (France)
Susanne Grieve 2004
Kelly Grogan 2004 MS&E Clemson University
Amanda Wagner 2003-2004 MS&E Clemson University
Casey Hancock 2003 MS&E Clemson University
Nestor Gonzalez-Pereyra 2002 UNESCO (Uruguay)
Ebba Samuelson 2001 EVTEK (Finland)
Philippe deVivies 2000 Sorbonne University (France)