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We offer a limited number of internships during the summer, and spring and fall semesters.

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 Warren Lasch Conservation Center. The

WLCC Interns Past & Present

2016 Interns:

Andrew SpitzerAndrew Spitzer

Andrew is an undergraduate at the College of Charleston currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Historic Preservation and Community Planning. In addition to working as an intern at the WLCC, he is also volunteering at Middleton Place in Summerville, SC. His focus includes architectural research and 3D documentation of architectural structures in the Lowcountry.
Jane AshburnJane Ashburn

Jane is an intern with the Warren Lasch Conservation Lab. Her work focuses on architectural documentation and artifact illustration. Her interests lie in paint analysis and conservation.  She has a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts and is currently working towards a Master’s of Science in Historic Preservation at Clemson University/College of Charleston.
Lisa KasprzokLisa Kasprzok

Lisa Maria Kasprzok graduated from the Honors College at the College of Charleston, Charleston, SC in May 2015 with a B.S. degree in Chemistry and a minor in Art History. As a Materials Research intern at the WLCC, Lisa is collaborating with Stephanie Boussert at the College of Charleston. Together, they are working on identifying the composition of the candle wax and aft pump grease recovered from the H.L. Hunley submarine using analytical techniques such as FT-IR and GC-MS. In the future, Lisa is interested in obtaining a Master’s degree in Chemistry and pursuing a career in conservation science.
Peter SterckxPeter Sterckx

Next year Peter will be a senior at Academic Magnet High School in North Charleston, a school where each student must complete an independent research project, a senior thesis, in order to graduate. For his senior thesis, he is investigating copper corrosion products with Liisa Nasanen here at the Warren Lasch Research Center. Peter has a strong passion for science and engineering, and is looking forward to majoring in engineering next fall at one of the nation's leading institutions for science and technology. 
Jackie DonJackie Don

Jackie began interning at the WLCC in May 2015 after graduating with a Master of Science in Historic Preservation from the Clemson University/College of Charleston Graduate Program. Her research interests include archaeometry with a focus on ceramic provenance studies, 3D documentation of historic structures and landscapes, and imaging particle analysis. Previously, Jackie earned her B.S. in Archaeological Science from the Pennsylvania State University.
Claire AchtylClaire Achtyl

Claire began work at Warren Lasch conservation Center in May 2015 in a part-time capacity to support conversation projects at Fort Moultrie's Battery Jasper. She has a B.A. in Environmental Design from University at Buffalo and was a graduate of the Masters if Historic Preservation from Clemson University and the College of Charleston. Her interests lay in architectural conservation, mainly within metal and mortar studies. She will also be focusing on 3D laser scanning documentation and research of historic architecture with WLCC. 

NikoNiko Coderko

High School intern

Past Interns:

Andrew Spitzer 2015 College of Charleston
Jane Ashburn 2015 Clemson University / College of Charleston
Lisa Kasprzok 2015 College of Charleston
Peter Sterckx 2015 
Jackie Don 2015 Clemson University / College of Charleston
Claire Achtyl 2015 Clemson University / College of Charleston
Niko Coderko 2015 
Brent Fortenberry 2015
Will Chesson 2013 Clemson University
Brad Blankemeyer 2013 College of Charleston
Amy Elizabeth Uebel 2012  Historic Preservation CU & CofC
Leah Sweet 2012 MS&E Clemson University
Nicole Hofmann 2012 MS&E Clemson University
Ashley Ball 2012 Clemson University
Alexander Parenzan 2012  Chemistry Clemson University
William Glasgow  2012 MS&E Clemson University
Kate McFadden 2011-2013 USC
Cristen Greer 2011 College of Charleston
William Rudisill 2011 Chemical Engineering Clemson University
Kayla Breitwieser  2011 USC
Jonathan Doan 2010-2011 MS&E Clemson University
Nicole Monger 2010 College of Charleston
Casey Jenkins 2010 College of Charleston
Virginie Ternisien 2010 Sorbonne University (France)
Peter Campbell 2009 Eastern Carolina University
Brian Seymour 2008-2009 University of South Hampton (UK)
Jaimie Yohn 2008 Academic Magnet High School
Amy Marquardt 2008 Coe College (Iowa)
Typhaine Brocard 2008 Sorbonne University (France)
Ross Economy 2008 MS&E Clemson University
Claire Tindal 2007-2009 Grinnell College
Benjamin Rennison 2007-2008 Bristol University (UK)
America Murray 2007 & 2010 MS&E Clemson University
Dina Bazzil 2007 Eastern Carolina University
Valerie Grussing 2007 Eastern Carolina University
Helen Moore 2007 Historic Preservation CU & CofC
Lora Holland 2006 University of Western Florida
Alexis Catsambis 2006 Texas A&M
Samuel Boerema 2006 MS&E Clemson University
Gael Combernous 2005 Ecole des Mines (France)
Johanna Rivera-Diaz 2005 AMC Basel. Switzerland - Valparaiso University (Chile)
Elizabeth Sharrer 2004-2007 Costal Carolina University
Frederique Nicot 2004 Sorbonne University (France)
Susanne Grieve 2004
Kelly Grogan 2004 MS&E Clemson University
Amanda Wagner 2003-2004 MS&E Clemson University
Casey Hancock 2003 MS&E Clemson University
Nestor Gonzalez-Pereyra 2002 UNESCO (Uruguay)
Ebba Samuelson 2001 EVTEK (Finland)
Philippe deVivies 2000 Sorbonne University (France)