The Hyperion is a high performance infrared microscope with transmission and reflection capabilities. The HYPERION FT-IR microscope is equipped with Ge ATR and 15X objectives, visible and IR polarizers, fluorescence accessory as well as binocular and video viewing. It has a fully automated motorized stage. The Tensor 27 is an FTIR spectrometer that can rapidly identify, quantify and verify Routine samples equipped with Pike "MIRacle" single reflection diamond ATR accessory.

  • Analytical solutions for a wide variety of fields such as Pharmaceuticals, Food and Feed, packaging, organic chemistry, polymers, plastic and/or coatings. Solutions can range from material and contamination identification to failure analysis.

HYPERION FT-IR microscope, Bruker Optics Courtey

HYPERION FT-IR microscope, WLCC Courtesy