The Warren Lasch Conservation Center has a very diverse team with team members from all over the world. We welcome research interns. Learn more about internship opportunities with us. 

Stephanie CretteStéphanie Cretté
Dr. Cretté's research interest include high pressure techniques; corrosion mitigation; coating weathering and fouling prevention in marine environment; green chemistry; polymer composites; nanocomposites for energy systems and automotive applications. See Dr. Cretté's full biography >
Michael Scafuri, ArchaeologistMichael Scafuri
Archaeologist/3D Metrologist
Mr. Scafuri's research interest include 3D documentation and modeling, visualization of archaeological data, digital reconstruction and site plan development, Inspection and comparative analysis of 3D models. See Mr. Scafuri's full biography >
Néstor González-Pereyra, Research EngineerNéstor González-Pereyra
Associate Director
Mr. González's research interests include sub and supercritical fluids, corrosion processes and corrosion prevention, non-destructive testing and materials characterization. Néstor is also interested in mesoporous materials, surface modification, materials used to generate energy from alternatives sources, and energy storage systems. See Mr. González's full biography >
Benjamin Rennison, Archaeologist/ 3D MetrologistBenjamin Rennison
Archaeologist/3D Metrologist
Mr. Rennison's research interest include best practice techniques, color continuity in 3D scanning, White Light Scanning and Photogrammetry, and, Inspection and deformation analysis. See Mr. Rennison's full biography >

Paul Mardikian Senior Conservator H.L. Hunley Project and Radiation Safety OfficerPaul Mardikian
Senior Conservator H.L. Hunley Project and Radiation Safety Officer

Mr. Mardikian's research interest include treatment of waterlogged composite objects, mass and/or large scale treatments, conservation of light metals, application of subcritical and supercritical fluids for the stabilization of cultural heritage, preventive conservation. See Mr. Mardikian's full biography >
Frederick A. Tetor III Archaeology VolunteerFrederick A. Tetor III
WLCC Volunteer

Following his retirement in 2002, he started working with the archaeological team under the direction of Maria Jacobsen, the project’s senior archaeologist. Fred has worked on almost all stages of the project, including excavation, data collection, inventory of artifacts and samples and research. He participated in the submarines recent rotation and continues to update the projects database and archives as well as on other projects as assigned. See Mr. Tetor's full biography >
 Liisa Näsänen Conservator/Research ScholarLiisa Näsänen
Ms. Näsänen's research interest include corrosion and treatment of copper alloy artifacts of cultural significance; Sub- and supercritical fluids for the treatment of copper alloy artifacts of cultural significance; Supercritical treatment of waterlogged organic materials of cultural significance; Sustainable treatment of outdoor cultural heritage; Conservation Management Planning for cultural heritage collections and sites. See Ms. Näsänen's full biography > 
Stephen Weise, CURI VolunteerStephen Weise
WLCC Volunteer

Mr. Weise's research interest include learning the design methods and features associated with the Hunley; Determining how the Hunley was operated and any changes in operational procedures over the life of the submarine; and Searching for additional historical records or accounts of the operations of Hunley and the identities and personal lives of the crews. See Mr. Weise's full biography >
Virginie Ternisien - ConservatorVirginie Ternisien

Virginie Ternisien joined the WLCC team in July 2013 as a conservator, after working at the Maryland Archaeological Conservation Laboratory (MAC Lab), Maryland. Her research interests focus on corrosion and treatment of iron artifacts, the application of subcritical treatment for the stabilization of metal artifacts, and the conservation of marine metal-organic composite artifacts. See Ms. Ternisien's full biography >
Nikkie Markle - Conservation Technician/Collections AssistantKristine N. Markle
Museum Collection Specialist/Assistant Conservator

Kristine (Nikkie) Markle started volunteering at the WLCC in the spring of 2012. She started on a part-time position to support the conservation team in the spring of 2013. She has over five years of work experience in a museum setting, in addition to volunteering her time at the WLCC. She has a BA in Maritime Studies from Texas A&M University, and a Masters in Museum Studies from John Hopkins University.
Amy Elizabeth Uebel - Conservation TechnicianAmy Elizabeth Uebel
Assistant Conservator

Amy Elizabeth Uebel has been a volunteer at the Warren Lasch Conservation Center starting in the spring of 2012. In the spring of 2013 she started on a part-time position to support special conservation projects, such as federal grants at the WLCC. She has a B.A. in History from Washington College, and graduated with a Masters in Historic Preservation from Clemson University/College of Charleston's collaborative program in May 2013.
Paul Ogle Jr - Website/Conservation Support VolunteerPaul Ogle Jr
Website/Conservation Support Volunteer

Paul started volunteering at the WLCC in the spring of 2013. He assists the team with publishing new information and articles pertinent to the WLCC on the website, as well as lending a hand to the conservation and archaeological team as needed. Paul has a BS in Business Administration, with a Minor in History from North Carolina State University.
Christopher J. McKenzie - WLCC VolunteerChristopher J. McKenzie
Assistant Conservator
Chris started volunteering at the WLCC in the summer of 2013. He assists with conservation and artifact documentation. He has previously volunteered at the Australian War Memorial, assisting in the small objects lab with conservation and documentation. Chris has a B.A. in Cultural Heritage Management from the University of Canberra in Canberra, Australia.
Brad Blankemeyer - WLCC Research AssistantBrad Blankemeyer
WLCC Research Assistant

Brad is a second year graduate student in the Masters of History joint program through the College of Charleston and the Citadel. He received his BA in History from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2009 before teaching middle school social studies at Saint Anne Catholic School from 2010-2012. As a Research Assistant at the WLCC, Brad is currently working on updating the educational outreach materials within the H.L. Hunley Enrichment Program and assisting the WLCC archaeological team with select areas of historical research.
Johanna Rivera-Diaz, ConservatorJohanna Rivera-Diaz
servator/Collections Manager 
Ms. Rivera-Diaz's main research interest includes theoretical and practical research in the treatment and conservation of waterlogged textiles, as well as new techniques for storage of artifacts in a microclimate environment and preventive conservation. See Ms. Rivera-Diaz's full biography >