Liisa Näsänen

Conservator/Research Scholar
Adjunct Professor MSHP


Office: 843-730-5090

2016 PhD candidate – University of Wales, Cardiff

University College London, Sustainable Heritage, MSc, London, United Kingdom, 2008

University of Wales, Cardiff, Archaeological Conservation, BSc, Cardiff, United Kingdom, 2004

EVTEK Institute for Arts and Design, Marine Archaeological Conservation, Post-graduate Diploma (Masters), Vantaa, Finland, 2002

Liisa Näsänen holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Conservation of Objects in Museums and Archaeology, from University of Wales, Cardiff, UK. She has also completed an International Post-graduate Diploma course in Marine Archaeological Conservation in Finland between 2000 and 2002, during which she completed an internship at the National Museums of Scotland in Edinburgh, UK. Here, adding to the conservation procedures carried out on numerous marine and waterlogged artifacts, her work included extensive practical and theoretical research on the behavioral patterns of the different grades of poly(ethylene glycols) in treatments for degraded waterlogged wood. In addition she recently completed a Part-time Master of Science degree in Sustainable Heritage for University College London, UK, which was designed to give heritage professionals a more holistic view and approach to the management of Cultural Heritage. Her dissertation aimed to assess the usefulness and practicality of Conservation Management Plans in the everyday management of Cultural Heritage Sites.

She has worked as a Conservator in various cultural heritage organizations in her native Finland, Ireland and the United Kingdom, prior to joining the Warren Lasch Conservation Center team in March 2009. She is currently working with both Conservation and Research departments, treating artifacts from the H.L. Hunley, coordinating an extensive collaborative project with the National Park Service designing and applying new treatment approaches to historic outdoor items at two major heritage sites, as well as assisting with the groundbreaking research being carried out on the development of subcritical fluid technology for metal artifacts and supercritical CO2 treatments of waterlogged organic materials.

Research interest:
Corrosion and treatment of copper alloy artifacts of cultural significance; Sub- and supercritical fluids for the treatment of copper alloy artifacts of cultural significance; Supercritical treatment of waterlogged organic materials of cultural significance; Sustainable treatment of outdoor cultural heritage; Conservation Management Planning for cultural heritage collections and sites

Mardikian, P., González-Pereyra, N.G., Drews, M.J., Näsänen, L.M.E. (2010) 'The use of subcritical alkaline solutions for the stabilization of archaeological iron artifacts' Archaeological Iron Conservation Colloquium at the State Academy of Art and Design Stuttgart, June 2010

Cretté, S.A., Ford, F., Näsänen, L.M.E (2011) ‘Assessment and Characterization of the Architectural Metal Finishes at Fort Moultrie: A Successful Student – Scientist Collaboration’ AIC 39th Annual Meeting - Architecture /Research and Technical Studies Joint Session, June 2011

Näsänen, L.M.E., González-Pereyra, N.G., Cretté, S.A. (2011) 'The Subcritical Mass-Treatment of a Range of Iron Artifacts from Varying Contexts' Asia-Pacific Regional Conference on Underwater Cultural Heritage, November 2011

Näsänen L.M.E., González-Pereyra N.G., Cretté, S.A., DeViviès, P. (2012) ‘The Applicability of Subcritical Fluids to the Conservation of Actively Corroding Metallic Cultural Heritage’ to be presented at 10th International Symposium on Supercritical Fluids, May 2012, San Francisco, CA, USA

Cretté, S.A.,Näsänen, L., González-Pereyra, N. G., Rennison, B. (2012) ‘Conservation and Treatment Monitoring of Waterlogged Archeological Corks Using Supercritical CO2‘ to be presented at 10th International Symposium on Supercritical Fluids, May 2012, San Francisco, CA, USA