Drayton Hall Plantation

Storage Improvement of Drayton Hall's Archaeological Collection

“Storage Improvement of Drayton Hall’s Archaeological collection”

The Institute of Museum and Library Services awarded a grant to support carefully designed measures to improve the storage conditions of the Drayton Hall’s archaeological collection. The WLCC conservators helped record ferrous and non-ferrous metal artifacts from the Drayton Hall collection using X-radiography and photography. Moreover, the collection was re-stored in clear acrylic boxes enclosed and heat-sealed in impermeable bags, oxygen scavengers, and desiccants were placed in the bags creating a low humidity-anoxic environment.

Johanna Rivera, conservator at the WLCC, trained Drayton Hall’s staff in the use of microclimates.


More information available here: http://www.draytonhall.org/

Drayton Hall Artifacts