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Adviser Directory

Clemson has several advisers across campus who are available to assist students in their pursuit of a healthcare profession. Please find your profession of interest below and the corresponding adviser. This individual will be the best person for you to connect with regarding your unique path.

Program/Professional School

National Association Website

Clemson Adviser

 Dental (DDS/DMD)

Harolynn Williams

Harolynn Williams

102 Long Hall

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 Pharmacy (PharmD)

 Physical Therapy (DPT)

 Occupational Therapy (OT)

 Audiology, Speech and Language Pathology

Medical (MD/DO)


Physician Assistant (PA)

Veterinary (DVM)

Dr. Glenn Birrenkott

134 Poole Agricultural Center


Dr. Jeryl C Jones

140 Poole Agricultural Center


Clemson PreVet Club

Registered Dietician (RD)

211 Poole Agricultural Center