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Alumni and Friends

We believe that our alumni are the best measure of our success and should be celebrated for their accomplishments! Over the last few years, our alums have been admitted to study medicine at Harvard University, dental medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, pharmacy at the University of North Carolina, physician assistant studies at the Medical University of South Carolina, physical therapy at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and occupational therapy at Emory University. We are proud to be connected with such diverse and distinguished members of the Clemson community!

Our Aim

Health Professions Advising at Clemson aims to:

    • Introduce students to holistic development and guide them to grow into well-rounded candidates for the health professions.  
    • Encourage students to self-assess: to reflect on their experiences, and their interests and readiness, to pursue careers in the health professions.
    • Connect students to resources and opportunities on campus and in the community.
    • Introduce students to the skills and competencies they will need to become successful health care professionals.

Aspiring Providers

We work with Clemson undergraduate students (and alumni) once they show interest in health care professions throughout their admissions process. If you are looking for assistance in your admissions process, please review the information under current students and contact an adviser for further information. 

Current Providers

If you are a provider and member of the growing network of Clemson alumni and friends, Health Professions Advising at Clemson would love to hear from you and connect you to some of our amazing current students, who hope to follow in your footsteps. Please do not hesitate to contact Harolynn Williams at

You can also connect with TigerLink Tigers on Call group, which aims to connect current students who are interested in pursuing careers in health care with members of the Clemson family who are currently serving as professionals in health care, including, but not limited to fields such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physicians assistants, physical therapy and occupational therapy.