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Connect with Health Professions Advising

The Healthcare Professions Advising office staff provide several resources to students in order to encourage community and collaboration among those pursuing careers in healthcare. Because these pursuits are not directly tied to any particular major or program on campus, it is important that you stay connecting with the Health Professions Advising Office in order to ensure that you receive communication outside of the one-on-one advising meetings you may schedule.

Connect with students, who share your career interests, through spaces outlined below:

Join our Canvas Community

The Health Professions Advising Community in Canvas serves as the main mode of communication between staff and students outside of one-on-one advising meetings.  Announcements will be posted regularly to make students aware of opportunities available to them both on campus and across the globe. 

Enroll in this community by completing the registration form here. Students will receive inviations to join the community during the first week of each month.


Facebook allows us to more readily share videos, photos, and other resources with our students and alumni pursuing professional careers in healthcare. Connect with us to learn more about the resources available to you.


Workshops are offered throughout the year based on student requests. Check our event scroll on the homepage for upcoming opportunities. Topics include, but are not limited to:

      • Developing your personal statement
      • Asking for letters of recommendation
      • Deciphering the application process
      • Preparing for interviews: aAn overview
      • Online etiquette