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Project ENGAGE

Project ENGAGE

Are you considering graduate education? This may be the resource for you!

Project ENGAGE (Enriching the Next Generation's Access to Graduate Education) is an outreach program intended to encourage Clemson undergraduate students from underrepresented communities to consider post-undergraduate education. By participating in Project ENGAGE, students will have the opportunity to learn of the expectations associated with preparing for graduate school such as the application process, standardized exams, and funding opportunities. Participants will be equipped with the tools to make decisions that best align with their career goals and interests. Although we hope that students will consider Clemson for their graduate education, the overall goal of the program is to ensure that students are making informed decisions regarding their own graduate education. If a student takes interest in applying to another institution, Project ENGAGE will support their journey.

Project ENGAGE workshops and resources will focus on information related to:

  • Researching graduate programs
  • Funding graduate school
  • Mentorship opportunities with current graduate students and faculty/staff
  • Preparing the graduate school application
  • Graduate admissions test preparation - students who attend Project ENGAGE workshops will receive access to a free library of GRE, GMAT, LSAT and MCAT study materials

The learning outcomes of Project ENGAGE are:

  • To provide participants with the resources to identify graduate programs that align with their interests and academic goals
  • To equip participants with the knowledge and tools to adequately prepare for the application process and matriculation into graduate school
  • To expand participants' professional network through the formation of mentor relationships with scholars in their field of study
  • To foster a community of support and affirmation for Clemson students of color applying to graduate school

For additional information, please contact Sarah Dumas at dumas@clemson.edu.