Engage Leadership


Engage Leadership is a program that lets you explore specific leadership topics in a four-week series.  Join in to deepen your understanding of leadership and enhance your leadership skills!


Fall 2022: Join us every Monday on Sept. 12 - Oct. 3 from 6-7:30 p.m. to explore Active Servant Leadership! Register by Sept. 9, 2022 noon, please email Christopher Spellman at with any questions.

Benefits and Outcomes:

  • Reflect on your own personal leadership style.
  • Learn from peers across campus.
  • Explore leadership topics in depth.
  • Apply leadership to your campus and career involvement.


Past topics:


Imperfect Leadership: This session explores why notions of perfectionism run contrary to good leadership and coaches students on how to re-frame how they consider their own practice of leadership. Students interrogate concepts of perfectionism, explore their own leadership strengths, and commit to more authentic leadership practice.


Civic Leadership: In this session, students explore what it means to be a civic leader in their community by exploring topics such identity, understanding root causes, and making social change. Students will have an in-depth look of civic leadership by using the Active Citizen Continuum and Social Change Model of Leadership.


Is there a leadership topic that you want to explore that we haven't covered?  Send a suggestion to our team here!