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Clemson University Summer Scholars

Summer 2022 COVID-19

Policy & Procedures


Due to the unpredictability of COVID-19, Clemson University may impose specific protocols should the need arise.


We are so excited to have you all here at Clemson University Summer Scholars! We want you to know our biggest goal this summer is to keep camp, camp. While COVID-19 has entered into every part of our lives, we still want the focus of your summer to be engaging with friends and fun!

As we look ahead to summer 2022, it’s impossible to know exactly what it will look like when we open this summer. We now have testing readily available with accurate and rapid results. We’ll continue to study the science and adapt state-of-the-art plans from other industries so that we can operate the safest and most substantive summer camp possible. We promise to continue to operate with the ingenuity, discipline, trust, and work ethic that we delivered in 2021, and we will always communicate our plans and protocols with parents.

Read below for additional information on summer and review this with your camper. These changes are to help everyone stay safe and healthy so camp can run all summer long.

As the summer progresses most communication will be sent via email. Please log into your account and verify that all contact information is correct and up to date. It is also important that all forms are completed, including a COVID-19 Policy Acknowledgement in the registration. 

Camper or Staff Presents Fever or Other COVID-19 Symptoms

Staff certified in First Aid and CPR will be present at camp 24 hours each day. The on-campus Redfern Health Center is available during weekday business hours, with Urgent Care in Clemson available through late evening. A full-service hospital is available within a 15-minute drive of campus.

If a camper has a temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or more, parents will be contacted immediately, the scholar will be tested and if positive, parents will be asked to pick up the child and take them home as soon as possible. This policy is designed to keep camp safe and healthy and not spread the virus. 

The same testing process is in place for staff. If a staff member associated with a group presents symptoms, they will be quarantined and tested as soon as possible. If the test results are positive, we will inform the parents of campers within the group, retest and if necessary, parents will be ask to come and pick them up from camp as soon as possible.


Cleaning and Sanitizing Procedures

Clemson University is committed to establishing safety precautions within residential areas through the following measures:

  • Physical distancing and reduced congestion in communal areas such as dining halls and shared bathroom spaces.
  • Custodial and facilities staff will work diligently to clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces in common areas of residence halls, such as laundry facilities, elevators, communal bathroom spaces, front desks, and door handles.
  • Several locations have already been identified both on and off-campus for isolation and quarantine of students who may be symptomatic or vulnerable.

Hygiene practices

Campers and staffed will be encouraged to wash hands frequently, before and after eating, wear a mask and physically distance. Counselors will carry hand sanitizer and campers are encouraged to bring their own as well. Scholars will have access to hand sanitizer at all times. 

Payment/Refund Policy for Summer 2022

  • The enrollment deposit will not be refunded once course placement is accepted. 
  • The enrollment deposit will be refunded only if you are not accepted due to not meeting GPA requirements. In all other instances, the deposit is nonrefundable and will be applied to the overall program cost.
  • The withdrawal deadline is 3 weeks (21 days) prior to the start of the course. If a student withdraws from the program 3 weeks prior to the course start date, a written refund request is required. Summer Scholars will review the request and program fees paid (less the nonrefundable deposit) may be refunded.
  • Any student who withdraws or is dismissed from the program for any reason after three weeks prior to the program start will not be eligible for any refunds.


We understand, if your family or camper has been advised to be self or mandatory quarantined, please contact for a full refund*. We will need to speak with a family member or be referred to official documentation requiring the quarantine.


Students who are sick or show signs of the virus should send us a note from their doctor advising us of their illness. A refund will be granted in full*.


Because Summer Scholars operates as a part of Clemson University, our program is subject to all guidelines and policies set forth by the university.  Clemson University may make decisions about closing campus that are outside of our office’s control. In the event of campus closure, we would refund all payments in full*. As we monitor the situation, we will keep parents informed of any changing circumstances and if there is concern of campus closure.

* Full refunds will be issued less a $20 processing fee.


We are really looking forward to providing your child with a fun and safe camp experience. Thank you all for your patience and flexibility in this, we understand how difficult these months continue to be. If there is something we missed or you have additional questions, please email us at