Marketing Policies and Protocols


University Relations staff members provide strategic planning in marketing and communications, crisis communications support, executive speechwriting, community relations, and other executive-level communications support. The Vice President for University Relations also serves as Clemson University’s primary spokesperson.

Marketing and Communications Administrative Policy Statement

Effective marketing and communication is essential to Clemson University’s ability to recruit and retain top students, faculty and staff, generate resources for its core mission, and maintain the good will and support of critical constituents including students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors, legislators, and the citizens of South Carolina.  In order to ensure that marketing and communications initiatives reflect the highest standards in quality and accuracy, reflect positively on the reputation and image of the university, and represent responsible use of resources, the following procedures and policies have been developed.

1.  Marketing and communications materials will comply with the Clemson Brand Book and Style Manual.

2.  Marketing materials intended for external audiences will be reviewed and approved by the Office of Creative Services.

3. The following offices are authorized to initiate communication with the news media on behalf of Clemson: Media Relations, PSA Media Relations, and Sports Information. All academic, research and public service news releases and news conferences will be coordinated through Media Relations.

4. External marketing and communications consultants may be retained only with prior approval of the Vice President for University Relations. Requests for proposals will include language requiring compliance with the Clemson Brand Book and Style Manual and coordination with University Relations. This policy applies to all university units regardless of funding source (CUF, athletics, PSA).

5. Establishment of new marketing and communications positions require approval of the Vice President for University Relations.

Adopted by the Administrative Council on January 23, 2009.