Checklist for VIP Visit


  • Who is the audience
    • Student, faculty, staff priority
    • General public
    • VIP’s
    • Ticket, RSVP or open*
  • When can we announce (and who needs to approve announcement or invitation)
  • ID event manager (for Clemson)
  • Photography and videography (cameras allowed vs. feed provided)
  • President’s participation
  • Webstreaming
    • Closed captioned
  • Media access
    • Attend
    • Questions at event
    • Separate media availability
    • Credentials required
  • Schedule photography and videography
  • Format of event: Speech, panel, Q&A from audience, etc.
    • Open Q&A or prepared questions and pre-selected questioners
  • Venue manager
    • Event staffing
    • Green room
    • Security and parking
    • Risers/stage
    • Location of TV cameras
  • ID “stage manager”

* If strong student ticket demand is expected, send announcement in advance and open link at 7 a.m. the following day.


internal and external (coordinate with VIP communications staff)

  • How to attend (ticket, RSVP, open to all, etc.)
    • Invitation with link to ticket option
  • Webstream option (ClemsonTV)
  • Top story
  • Social media
  • Follow-up reminders, Daybook, Press Memo


  • Banners, backdrops, podium signs, etc.
  • Risers, lighting, staging for TV
  • Mics, amps


  • Run of show
  • President’s script (final to Broadcast Productions for closed captioning)
  • Prepared questions


  • Refreshments, flowers in green room
  • Entertainment
  • Gift
  • Post-event follow-up (photos, cards and letters)