Advancement Board for Real Estate Development

The Advancement Board for Real Estate Development (ABRED) promotes the advancement of the real estate development profession and related fields through the earnest support of the Master of Real Estate Development (MRED) program by providing committed financial, intellectual, and professional resources to maximize the educational experience for the MRED students.

Benefits of serving

Opportunity to network with real estate industry leaders, not only with board members themselves but also their professional networks

Opportunity to interface with the Dean of the College of Business and Behavioral Science and the Dean of the College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities

Priority access to MRED students for internship and permanent employee opportunities

Access to the Clemson Real Estate Alumni Association network that includes Clemson alumni who are real estate professionals

Opportunity to mentor MRED students through classroom speaking and informal engagements

Invitations to the MRED events such as lecture series, networking events, etc.

Recognition in MRED publications and websites

Opportunity to give back and support Clemson University and the real estate profession as we work to enhance its reputation and professionalism

Responsibilities of each Board Member

Attend board meetings and important related meetings (two board meetings a year)

Volunteer for committee assignments and make a serious commitment to participate actively in assigned committee work

Willingly and promptly respond to personal inquiries by MRED Faculty

Provide access to your professional network to students, faculty, and alumni by opening doors and creating opportunities to interface with other industry professionals

Assist in the fundraising efforts of the Clemson Architectural Foundation (CAF) and the Clemson University Foundation for the benefit of the MRED program. CAF and CUF funds may be used for research and outreach, educational programming and student support as well as facilities for MRED.

If asked by Program Directors or the Dean, provide feedback on curriculum, programs and a research agenda that will help build our reputation as one of the top MRED programs in the country

Participate as guest lecturers, field trip contacts or mentors for on-campus as well as off-campus experiences

Volunteer or provide leads for the speaker series, bull sessions and guest lecturers in our classrooms, practicum and ideas for other sponsored events promoting research and public service efforts

Provide leads for research ideas and grant opportunities for the program to expand its outreach to the real estate professional community

In addition to Board members contributing valuable time, experience, services and skills, members support CAF, MRED, and the Advancement Board for Real Estate Development (ABRED) financially as they are motivated and able.

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