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City Codes

Surrounding cities and municipalities have codes or guidelines that are routinely enforced.  You may find yourself in trouble with local municipalities if these codes are broken.  The following are found in the City of Clemson specifically, and while they may be similar in surrounding towns, be sure to  educate yourself on what is expected from renters, roommates, and even home owners.  Below are a few city codes: 

an occupancy sign
  • The City limits then number of unrelated individuals living in houses and other residential dwellings, which simply means there is a strict limit to the number of roommates allowed
  • The number of allowed roommates is dependent of the zoning district in which the dwelling is located.
  • If your proposed roommate is not your parent, child, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or first cousin, then you are not considered a relative under City code. 
  • The City requires that a sticker, stating the allowed number of un-related occupants, be posted in each rental housing dwelling.  Be sure to ask your property manager if you are renting and do not see a sticker in your home (removing a sticker will not change the facts and will require additional fees for a replacement).
  • If there is a difference between the number of occupants allowed in your lease agreements and the number listed on your occupancy sticker, then follow the smaller number to err on the side of caution.
  • If you or your parents plan to buy a house for your use, remember that having roommates will turn that dwelling into a 'rental housing' dwelling. This also means you must have a yearly rental license and abide by the rental housing standards in place by the City.  The fee is $100, due in July of each year.
  • The City conducts a yearly inspection to ensure that the minimum life-safety standards are being followed, but it is the tenant/landlord responsibility to ensure that the unit is maintained all other 364 days of the year (this standard applies to all proprieties in the City of Clemson - not just rental units). 
  • Parking is not allowed in the front year of a property (this includes boats and other recreational vehicles). Be sure to keep off of the grass! 
  • Open burning in the City is prohibited. That means no bonfires, burning of limbs and debris, or any other open fire. Also note that many property managers do not allow grilling on balconies. 
For a complete list of codes, visit the City’s Municode Website.