Mentoring Programs

One great way to connect to resources on campus is through gaining a mentor. A number of programs at Clemson offer incoming students support with academic and social transitions. Having a mentor gives you the opportunity to learn from experienced students, to interact with faculty and staff, and to gain access to leadership and engagement activities. As a first year student, you can gain necessary information to navigate and succeed at Clemson University from students who have been in your shoes!

Mentoring programs are described below:

Mentoring Program

Description Mentor Type Application Cost Contact Person
AAH Major Mentor (1) Students meet with peer mentors in-person, by phone or through email to answer questions about majors or minors. Available to all majors, genders and undeclared majors. UG upperclassmen Yes None Suzanne Atkinson
CAFLS Peer-Mentoring Freshmen in CAFLS majors are matched with upperclassmen to help them adjust to life at Clemson UG upperclassmen Yes None Amy Sanders
Calhoun Honors College Peer Mentoring Honors College freshmen work with upperclassmen in the Honors Program throughout the academic year. Available to all majors, genders and honor students. UG upperclassmen No None Stefani Thachik
(Mentors Instructing Students Toward Effective Role Models)
Students enrolled in the MISTER program are mentored by upperclassmen in the program. UG upperclassmen Yes None

Dr. Roy Jones

Clemson LIFE College-age students with intellectual disabilities work with peer-mentors who help them reach their potential and prepare for independent living. Available to all majors, genders and students with intellectual disabilities. Living-learning community available. UG upperclassmen Yes Yes

James Collins

CONNECTIONS Peer-Mentoring First-year students (mentees) from culturally diverse backgrounds and majors are paired with upperclassman leaders of color who serve as mentors and role models. Available to all majors, genders and minorities. Living-learning community available. UG upperclassmen Yes None

Amanda Bonilla

ECE Plugged in Program

Current electrical and computer engineering (ECE) sophomore students are connected with ECE alumni.

ECE alumni Yes None

Janet Bean

ESP (Early Success Program) Participants gain the tools and support needed to achieve academic and personal success during their first year at Clemson. Available to all majors and genders.   Yes None

Amber Mulkey

FIRST Matches first-generation college students with upperclassman peer-mentors who help them adjust to the college experience with academic support and social activities. Available to all first-generation students. UG upperclassmen Yes None

Sherry Dorris

MANRRS — Minorities in Agricultural, Natural Resources and Related Sciences Promotes academic and professional advancement by empowering minorities in agriculture, natural resources and related sciences. Available to all minority CAFLS majors. UG upperclassmen Yes None

Latoisha Green

PEER Mentoring Provides peer-mentors for underrepresented incoming undergraduate students in the College of Engineering and Science. All minority CES majors. UG upperclassmen No None Sue Lasser
Tiger Success Provides a system of accountability and support that helps students regain good academic standing at Clemson and gives them the opportunity to prove their commitment to their academic success. Available to all majors and genders of students on academic probation. UG upperclassmen No None

Elizabeth McWilliams

Tiger Ties Mentorship Program Gives students a head start on creating real-world connections that extend beyond the borders of the University by paring current undergraduates with Clemson graduates/friends who are successful, experienced, professionals.  Available to all CBBS undergraduates.. Clemson graduates/friends in a business or behavioral science field. Yes None

Renée Hebert
CBBS Office of Student Enrichment

Transfer to Tigers (T2T) Incoming transfer students are mentored by upperclassman students from the Transfer Council. UG upperclassmen Yes None

Mary Von Kaenel

WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) Helps and supports females in engineering and science majors. Available to all female students in CES. UG upperclassmen Yes None

Serita W. Acker

(1)  Examples of some questions are: What is it like to study in the major? What are some experiences (ie study abroad, internships) within the major?

For information on a mentoring program for out-of-state students and more about our mentor training group, contact Dena Kneiss in New Students and Family Programs, 864-656-0515.