Peter Marko

Assistant Professor

Contact Information:
Phone: 864-656-1426
FAX: 864-656-0435
PhD., Population Biology, University of California, Davis, 1997
Research Interests:
The research in my lab addresses a variety of fundamental questions about how historic biogeographic and contemporary ecological processes together shape patterns of organismal diversity, particularly in the world’s oceans. I am most interested in molecular genetic approaches that can provide insight into the demographic histories of populations, the biogeographic histories of species, and the historic assembly of entire communities. I am also involved in basic and applied research that can assist with the management and recovery of vulnerable and over-exploited species. Current projects include the study of sister-species isolated by the rise of the Central American Isthmus, the genetics of recruitment in the bay scallop (Argopecten irradians), effects of Pleistocene climate change on rocky-shore community composition in the North Pacific, and forensic genetic analysis of commercially harvested species.
Selected Publications:

Marko, P.B., Rogers-Bennett, L. & A. Dennis. 2006. Population structure and migration of lingcod (Ophiodon elongatus) inferred from mitochondrial DNA: limited dispersal of long-lived pelagic larvae? Marine Biology (in press).

Moran, A.L. & P.B. Marko. 2005. A simple technique for physical marking of marine bivalves. Journal of Shellfish Research 24: 567-572.

Marko, P.B. 2005. An intraspecific comparative analysis of character divergence between sibling species. Evolution 59: 554-564.

Marko, P. B., S. C. Lee, A. M. Rice, J. M. Gramling, T. M. Fitzhenry, J. S. McAlistar, G. R. Harper, A. L. Moran. 2004. Mislabeling in a depleted reef fish. Nature 430:309.

Marko, P. B. 2004. ‘What’s larvae got to do with it?’ Contrasting patterns of post-glacial population structure in two benthic marine gastropods with identical larval dispersal capabilities. Molecular Ecology 13: 597-611.

Marko, P. B. 2002. Fossil calibration of molecular clocks and the divergence times of geminate species pairs separated by the Isthmus of Panama. Molecular Biology & Evolution 19: 2005-2021.

Marko, P. B. & J. B. C. Jackson. 2001. Patterns of morphological diversity among Recent and fossil tropical American geminate bivalves in the family Arcidae. Journal of Paleontology 75: 590-606.

Previous Courses Taught:

BIOSC 442 - Biogeography

BIOSC 490 / L490 - Molecular Ecology

Graduate Students:

Holly Nance - Ph.D.

Professional Society Affiliations

Society for the Study of Evolution

Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology