S_mart Peter Marko
Associate Professor
Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

Peter’s research is in the fields of biogeography, evolution, and conservation genetics. He conducts studies involving a variety of analytical techniques, such as population genetics and phylogeography, morphometrics, and paleontology.

cox Nicole Cox
MS Student

Nicole recently completed a MS project on the biogeography of speciation in the rocky shore gastropod Nucella lima. Her project used multilocus sequence data and population genetic methods to reconstruct a case of climate-driven vicariance in the north Pacific. She is pictured here wearing the MS "Purple Jacket".

sergio Sergio Marchant
PhD Student

Sergio joined the lab from the Universidad Católica del Norte in Chile, where he worked on a variety of projects in Pilar Haye's lab. Sergio is a Fulbright Scholar working on the biogeography, phylogenomics, and larval ecology of marine species.

sergio Louis Plough

Louis recently finished his PhD at USC (SoCal) in Dennis Hedgecock's lab where he used genetic mapping and QTL methods to understand genetic load, inbreeding depression, and genetic causes of larval mortality in Pacific oysters. In our lab, he will be using population genetic approaches to understand genome-wide patterns of genetic differentiation in marine species.


Also seen working in the lab:

wells Carrie Wells
PhD student from David Tonkyn's Lab.

Carrie is using genetics to study the impacts of climate change on the spatial distributions of butterflies in the southern Applachians.

Cora Allard
PhD student from Rob Baldwin's Lab (Forestry & Natural Resources)

Cora studies how amphibian distributions are structured by environmental factors and how in turn this has influenced their genetics at range margins.


Lab Alumni - Gone But Not Forgotten:


Holly Nance
Former PhD Student

Holly worked on population structure and connectivity in the IUCN endangered scalloped hammerhead shark, Sphyrna lewini as well as did all of the laboratory analysis of the Chilean sea bass. She is pictured here sporting the Marko Lab "Orange Jacket", awarded for successful completion of the PhD degree. She now has a postdoc at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute, working on oyster population genetics and recovery.

emme Sandra Emme

Sandy made countless contributions to many projects during her tunure in the lab, but has now moved to Florida State University.


Kelly Barr
Tar Heel and former two-time lab technician in the Marko lab, Kelly now works in the Palumbi lab at Hopkins Marine Station.

tammy Tammy McGovern
Former post-doc, now a faculty member at Limestone College. At Clemson, Tammy worked on northeastern Pacific phylogeography.


Felicia Hawthorne
Felicia worked on the genetics of fish (Ptacek Lab) and bay scallops (Marko Lab) at Clemson. Now she's a graduate student in the Genetics and Genomics PhD program at Duke University.

Alice Alice Dennis
Originally from the Grosberg lab, Alice somehow wound up working as a student researcher in the lab. She is currently a postdoc studying cold tolerance in stick insects in New Zealand.

Dan Dan Rodriguez
Former technician, driver, and navigator, Dan now works at Duke University as a research technician.
Corey Corey Holbert
Former lab technician - whereabouts unknown.



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