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Antarctic Research

Clemson tiger paw


The Moran Lab is moving to the Department of Biology at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa in summer 2013.

Research in the Moran Laboratory focuses on the ecology and evolution of marine organisms, particularly in the physiological and morphological adaptations of early life history stages to different environmental conditions. Our research combines 1) laboratory studies of larval and juvenile physiology and biochemistry, 2) field observations of living organisms, and 3) information about the evolution of larval characters from the fossil record.

Research Interests

  • Temperature-oxygen interactions
  • Larval energetic studies
  • Evolution of egg size
  • Larval dispersal and population connectivity

Moran Lab in the News: Antarctic Research Featured on NBC's TODAY SHOW — 11/5/07

  Dirona albolineata  
Diving under the ice in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
Triopha laying an egg mass
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