Dive Trip Photos

Pictures from the field and under the ice...

Friday, November 10, 2006

Yesterday was our dive trip out to New Harbor where there is a permanent field camp that includes a heated Jamesway covering two very large dive holes. Not only was the weather gorgeous again yesterday but in order to get to New Harbor (NH) you have to fly by Helo! It was so much fun, Rob Robbins and Henry Kaiser accompanied our group and the 7 of us had a terrific day! The Helo trip took about 30 min and photos from that adventure will be posted in the Travelogue section. NH itself is really beautiful - it was a very sunny day with few clouds early on and hardly any wind. We left McMurdo around 9am and when we arrived at NH we immediately began preparing for the first group to dive. The group had to dive with twin 72s because that is what they already had out there and since they only had a limited number, we (Rob) had to fill the tanks in between each dive. During the first dive (Rob, Art, and Jon) a seal came up to the dive hole to breathe on 4 separate occasions! It was really cool because Erika had been waiting for that to happen for quite some time now and finally when it did, it happened at NH where the holes are SO much bigger that you could see the entire seal instead of just its head! Pretty sweet. Everyone was able to get two dives in before we needed to start packing stuff up for our return to McMurdo - but - before we left Henry cooked us the most delicious Thai dinner and then he played guitar for us!! It was just a very nice day and very successful because Amy, Rob, Art, Jon, and Bruce were able to collect more than 20 adult dorids!

Preparing to dive in the Jamesway
Jon Henry, Bruce, & Amy Bruce & Amy about to take the plunge
Dive hole Henry and a Weddell seal Buddy
Close-up Sorting animals Henry, Amy, Erika, &  Rob

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Check out these amazing underwater photos that Bruce & Amy took while out on their dive yesterday at Arrival Heights!

Amy jellyfish
Nemertean worms devouring something Triconiella egg mass in situ
Jon & Art Jon?
Amy Pteropod

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

The photos below were taken out at Cape Evans where Amy, Bruce, Art, Jon, and Rob dived the Cape Evans wall for the first time today. This was, by far, our favorite spot yet, and all the divers in our group agree that it was the best dive they've ever done! We couldn't have asked for a nicer day and even though we didn't see any penguins, just being out there was amazing! Underwater photos from this dive will come soon.

Cape Evans I Cape Evans II Cape Evans III
Cape Evans IV Cape Evans V Regulator wall in the dive locker
Bruce & Amy in their Nacho Libres Art & Amy
Little Razorback hut

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Here (finally, I know) are some photos from our first 2 diving experiences. Both trips were made out to Little Razorback Island, which is about an hour and 15 min Pisten Bully ride away from station. We're told that this location is much lighter than some others since the ice here is only about 6 feet thick (compared to 17 ft thick at the Jetty near station).

Driving to the hut Rob clearing ice from the hole Zipping Rob's suit up
Ah, Erika's fine driving skills...
Rob clearing newly formed ice from the hole.
Here is Erika zipping Rob up into his dry suit.
Getting dressed Helping each other Rob warming up
Bruce helping Jon get adjusted.
Amy fixing Jon's mask... Jon sure needs a lot of help ;)
Rob warming his hands up just like his little sister does.
Under the ice bottom worm snarl
Here Amy is right under the ice ceiling.
The sea floor.
Nemertean worms feeding.
Weddell seal Dive hut #8 Jon &  Erika  in the dive hut
A very cute Weddell seal near the hut!
The wonderful heated dive hut #08.
You want us to do what??
Amy shows off our new best friends Art? Is that you? Definitely Art Amy & Rob
Rob & Jon about to take the plunge Art Art getting in the water
Amy descending Bruce getting out Our first score
The down line from underwater Safety stop I Safety stop II