These are photos we've taken in and around McMurdo Station. They're photos of the buildings we work in, both interior and exterior, as well as scenic shots we've snapped while out and about. We hope you enjoy!
J-Crib aquarium
Shout out
Mt. Erebus
This really may be the most creative aquarium setup we've ever seen! J-crib's shout out to Amy as Scientist of the Week! A photo of Mt. Erebus that Erika took on the way home from Cape Evans while Amy, Art, & Jon were busy photographing penguins, must've been nice...
Gassing up the PB
Art behind the wheel
Jon & Art in lab
Art making a visit to the gas station. Yes, we put our lives in this man's hands. Art & Jon working in the downstairs lab.
Bldg 203C
Dining Hall
Dining Hall II
This is our dorm, building 203C, and we're all right next to each other on the 2nd floor!
This is the Dining Hall at dinner time, they also use this room for Sunday Science Lectures.
And the dining hall again from another angle.
The Crary Lab
Our lab #108
Art's side of the lab
This is the back of the Crary Lab, or Phase III, where we have more lab space & sea tables. This photo shows the inside of lab 108 as you walk in the door. This shows Art's side of the lab 108 before we unpacked our boxes.
Amy's side of the lab
Dive locker
And this is our side of lab 108 as it was when we arrived...we got very lucky to have the whole lab. The dive locker looks small but is actually pretty roomy inside (more photos to come)! It's alittle dark I know, but this is the best picture I could get of the lockers and tanks in the dive locker.
shower & gear drying room
Jon & Art conversing in the dive locker
larval rearing containers in our giant sea table
This is where all our dive gear will be rinsed with FW and hung to dry after our day trips. This is the main room of the dive locker. Rob's office is just off to left behind the hanging regulators. Here is the wet lab in Phase III of the Crary Lab. We have this whole huge sea table to ourselves!
more tanks and sea tables
sea urchin larvae
Tank with urchins, bivalves, and a few nudibranchs already
In addition to the big sea table we also have two dedicated tanks (on the back right). Here is closer-up view of the larval containers currently housing the embryos we spawned 10/22/06. One of our tanks filled with the animals that Rob so kindly collected for us before we even arrived!
McMurdo from the road I
view of McMurdo from near the runway
View of McMurdo from Observation Hill
Erika took this photo from the PB on the way home from Little Razorback Island. And this one as well. Art and Bruce snapped this after hiking up Observation Hill.