Antarctic Research - 2007-2008 season

Antarctic marine biology

The Moran Lab is working in collaboration with Dr. Art Woods on an project investigating the interacting effects of extreme cold temperature and high oxygen availability on the metabolism and evolution of Antarctic marine animals. The goal of this project is to understand how the marine ectotherms of the Southern Ocean are uniquely adapted to the extreme low temperatures and high-oxygen conditions found near the Antarctic continent, and to understand how body size evolves in different environments. Our research primarily focuses on opisthobranchs (marine sea slugs) and their egg masses as a simple model system for understanding morphological evolution. A link to our 2006-2007 season is below and to the left.

Pisten bullies outside a dive hut at Little Razorback Is. Divers suiting up
Checking out the collection Aeolid nudibranch
Updated Nov. 16, 2007
Diving and animal photos
Answers to questions from students and kids about research and life in Antarctica - updated 11-16-07
Travelogue and photos from last year's trip to The Ice
Map of US stations in Antarctica
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