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Everything you need in one place! On this page, you can find links to the student handbook, course schedules and classroom assignments, parking information, graduation forms and much more. In addition, be sure to check your email every Monday and Friday for links to events, links to job openings and other timely information.

Student Handbook

The Clemson MBA Student Handbook is designed to provide information to assist students in succeeding in all areas of the Clemson MBA experience and to answer some of the most common questions students typically have. Download the Clemson MBA Student Handbook as well as the Clemson Graduate School Handbook to review all policies and procedures.


Students have the option of purchasing an access card to Richardson Street Parking Garage. Richardson Street Parking Garage is located conveniently within walking distance from the Greenville ONE building. Students will be given the option of paying monthly, or by semester, through a negotiated price with Greenville Parking Services. Students who wish to purchase access should go to the Greenville Parking Services Offices to complete an application and pick up their access card.

Greenville Parking Services will then issue the student an access card that upon payment of the negotiated, semester price, will allow them access to the garage at any time.

**During major events access cards may be disabled and event parking fees may apply to gain entry into the parking deck.

Greenville Apartment Guide

Clemson University does not offer University housing in the Greenville area. This Greenville Apartment Guide is only meant as a resource – Clemson University programs are not responsible for student housing. The apartments listed in this guide are not a comprehensive list of all housing options in Greenville; this list includes places where MBA students have lived/are living currently in Greenville as well as new apartments that are close to the downtown area. Please research the Greenville area and where you want to live in relation to Clemson's Greenville location at 1 North Main Street, Greenville, SC 29601.

Students who will be fully dependent on educational loans should select housing options that fit within the Cost of Attendance (COA). The COA is published on the Clemson Financial Aid website each year.