College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities

Professional Advisory Board

The Mission of the School of Architecture Professional Advisory Board is to provide a source of advice and counsel to the Chair and School on matters relating to the direction, health, and future of the School of Architecture.

1. The group's primary purpose will be to provide a regular means of external assessment and advice for the School of Architecture. Additionally, the group will provide a means of better bridging practice and education, connecting professionals to students and vice versa; and would provide an alternative means of support (not necessarily financial) for the School. This is not a fund-raising board.

2. The Board will meet 2-3 times/year, during which they will interact with students (probably through reviews and/or desk crits); interact with faculty; and have a meeting at which they will be asked to discuss issues of import to the School, such as responding to the School's draft strategic plan and/or NAAB APR, or curricular proposals, etc.

3. The membership of the board will be invited by the Chair of the School to 3-year rotating terms, (except for the AIA SC President, who would have a one-year term).

4. The board will have approximately 12-15 members, 6 of them members of the CAF "Architecture Discipline Committee".

5. The other members should extend the diversity (geographic, career, ethnicity, educational, and age) of the board. Not all need to be Clemson grads, and not all need to be architects.

6. Members will be self-supporting in their trips to Clemson. The School will have some expenses for meals, receptions, etc. for the board, students, and faculty, during meetings.

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