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Ph.D. in the Built Environment + Health

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The School of Architecture’s Graduate Program is affiliated with Clemson University’s interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Planning, Design and the Built Environment (PDBE). The PDBE Ph.D. Program is centered in the College of Architecture, Arts & Humanities (AAH) and directed by Dr. Mick Lauria, Professor of City and Regional Planning. Affiliated faculty in the School of Architecture include David Allison, FAIA, Dina Battisto, Ph.D., Vincent Blouin, Ph.D., Keith Green, Ph.D., Peter L. Laurence, Ph.D., and Stephen Verderber, D. Arch. For other affiliated faculty, see the PDBE faculty page.

The Architecture + Health program works directly with the PDBE concentration of The Built Environment + Health:

Built Environment + Health Concentration

The primary aim of the Built Environment and Health concentration area is to generate new knowledge and theories that demonstrate how human health and well-being may be improved through design. As such, this concentration area builds upon an evidence-based design philosophy where innovative architectural designs are measured using various performance metrics in an effort to produce a knowledge base that can be used to inform future design interventions. Through a specialized interdisciplinary curriculum, students will be prepared for a professional career in research, teaching, and other specialized fields that may advance theoretical, methodological and practical knowledge related to design for health.

  • Healthy Communities
  • Aging in Place
  • Sustainable Community Design
  • History and Theory

Contact Dr. Dina Battisto, Associate Professor of Architecture,