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Comprehensive Studio - Spring 2014

Comprehensive Studio is the culminating studio of Clemson's graduate architecture program. Students of the Spring 2014 Graduate Comprehensive Studio were challenged with imagining and designing a Live / Work Incubator for entrepreneurs and their families in downtown Greenville. Each proposal would include a vision for flexible office spaces as well as desirable on-site apartment housing. The expressed goals of this combined program included: adding convenience for occupants; providing occupants with increased exposure to innovation; decreasing the combined cost-of-living / cost-of-business; increasing productivity; and increasing the legitimacy and name-recognition of participating businesses.

Students were asked to carefully consider both the domestic needs and the occupational needs of contemporary entrepreneurs - a highly creative and collaborative demographic. They were also asked to critically explore the thresholds between program elements and the necessary influences of privacy, productivity, sufficiency, and security. In addition to these complex programmatic considerations, all final design proposals required a thorough resolution of structural systems, mechanical systems, and performative building envelopes.

Studio Faculty Ulrike Heine
Ufuk Ersoy, PhD
Dustin Albright
Collaborators Weichiang Pang, PhD (Civil Engineering)
Industry Partners

Bob Barreto (GBS Building Supply)
Bobby Barreto (Asterisk Development, LLC)


Project Portfolios

HOME + WORK - Carlos Gonzalez and Brandon Rogers
WESTLINK - Nicole Miller and Sean Morrissey
HUMBLE BEGINNINGS - Adam Roark and Ellis Taylor
STITCH - Miguel Yon and Tanner Sharpe
TRANSITION - Jaiwei Zeng and Laura Elizabeth Rice

Studio Archives

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