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Comprehensive Studio - Spring 2013

Comprehensive Studio is the culminating studio of Clemson's graduate architecture program. The Spring 2013 semester of this studio took on the challenge of designing University housing for graduate students, married students, and other alternative populations. Additionally, students have proposed mixed uses for their sites which address needs of the University community and are complimentary to the housing program. Each design utilizes Cross Laminated Timber as a structural material, a sustainable yet currently underutilized material in America.

Studio Faculty Ulrike Heine
Ufuk Ersoy, PhD
Dustin Albright
Collaborators Dr. Scott Schiff, Professor of Civil Engineering
Jon Brent, student of Civil Engineering
Graham Montgomery, student of Civil Engineering
Brian Turner, student of Civil Engineering
Industry Partners Crawford Murphy of CLT USA
Campus Partners Gary Gaulin, Associate Director of Sustainability for University Housing


Project Portfolios

LIVEWELL - Chris Paris and Sam Pruitt
SEED - Lauren Boulier and Laura Boykin
Treaty Oak - Nicholas Barrett and Joseph Martin
Fulcrum-Reisha Allport, Sara Cheikelard, Adrienne Fulmer
Interactive Hybrid - Lerone Smalls and Chen Fang
Bridgescape - Ryan Woods and Ke Huang
The Link - Artemiy Zheltov and Elise Little
Spectrum - Lindsay Yarborough and Julie Knorr
The Stacks - Jeff Treitz and Jingjie Zhao
Knot - Joshua Atria and Minji Kim

Studio Archives

Faculty and students are encouraged to submit projects to this gallery. View submission guidelines here.