College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities

Project Gallery Submission Guidelines

Faculty and students of the School of Architecture may submit projects for inclusion in the Gallery, using the guidelines below. Faculty may submit directly, but students should submit projects via the professor in which the work was completed.

Image Sizes / Formats

  • A single thumbnail image will represent the project, which is 224px wide x 168px tall.
  • The Project Page can show one or more images with a width of 688 pixels and variable height.
  • Full size images can also be submitted, which will open a new window from the project page.
  • Captions and longer descriptions are optional for each image on the project page.
  • Please submit only flattened, raster images - either JPG or PNG. Do not send Adobe PDF,  Illustrator (AI), Photoshop (PSD), or InDesign.

Project Information Needed

Please include this information in a single text file or Word document, for each project:

  • Name(s) of Student(s) who did the work.
  • Name(s) of Teachers(s) who taught the class, or advised on the project.
  • Name of Project (max 100 characters).
  • Course for which project was done, or describe otherwise (example: Fall Charrette).
  • Semester in which work was completed (example: Spring 2010).
  • Description of Project (optional, 1000 characters max).

Packaging Files

  • For each project submitted, put all materials for that project into a single folder. So if you are submitting multiple projects, submit each project in its own folder.
  • If emailing or sending via file drop service, your folder(s) will need to be compressed as a ZIP or RAR file (not StuffIt).
  • If you have multiple images, please prefix the file name with a number indicating ordering on the page, such as “1.Elevation” and “2.Perspective”.
  • If submitting captions and/or descriptions, do so in a text file or Word document, and indicate the image to which the text applies. Include this text file in the project folder.

File Submission to Web Admin

  • Email to web admin if less than 10MB.
  • For larger files you can send via large file sending service, such as
  • Physical delivery via CD or thumbdrive.

Current Web Administrator:  Alison Martin,


At the bare minimum, we need students’ presentation boards. In this case, the web admin may take editorial liberties as to image selection and cropping. However, projects will be best represented with multiple images selected and formatted to highlight the work. Better yet, text captions and descriptions of image are great ways to further illuminate the design intent.