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Certificate in Architecture + CommunityBUILD

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For decades, Clemson Architecture students have been involved in various community-oriented design-build and service-learning projects. Starting in the 2013-14 academic year, M.Arch. and M.S. Arch. students will be offered the opportunity to earn a Certificate in Architecture + CommunityBUILD. 

The overall objective of the Architecture + CommunityBUILD certificate is for architecture and architects to expand the theater of impact in a society that increasingly requires design to address issues of social justice and community sustainability. Architecture+communityBUILD students gain the perspective that community engagement and appropriate design solutions become the catalyst for positive change. More specifically, this educational experience is designed for M.Arch. and M.S. Arch. students who wish to further their understanding and application of a community centric architecture + process, design + building at full scale, sustainable programming + entrepreneurship, and post project documentation + sustained community impact. True to the University’s mission, this certificate program strategically places students in reciprocal relationships and demonstrative opportunities that embody the spirit of service-learning and student engagement while celebrating family and community living, sustainable environments, leadership and entrepreneurism, and general education.

The Architecture + CommunityBUILD certificate program involves required architectural design studios and required courses that address specific projects and research questions associated with community design, sustainable practices, and full scale design + building. The certificate requires 18 credit hours of design studios and courses in Clemson and at the Clemson Architecture Center in Charleston (CACC) that can be used to partially fulfill the requirements for the M.Arch. and M.S. Arch. The earned certificate will be acknowledged on the recipient's academic transcript.

Admission to the Architecture + CommunityBUILD certificate program will be granted through a competitive application process based on portfolio, GPA, and personal interview. Admission will also require application to and acceptance of placement for off-campus study in Charleston in Semester 5 (Fall).   

The courses required to fulfill certificate requirements are the following:


  • ARCH 852 / A+CB Studio with Prof. Dan Harding (6 credits) in CLEMSON
  • ARCH 832 Community 1:1 (3 credits) with Prof. Dan Harding in CLEMSON


  • ARCH 857 / A+CB Studio with Prof. David Pastre (6 credits) in CHARLESTON at the CACC
  • ARCH 677 Introduction to Craft (ITC) (3 credits) in CHARLESTON at the CACC

Note that these courses will be open to those not enrolled in the certificate program, although space may be limited.