College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities

Master of Architecture Studios

Master of Architecture design studios follow a plan of sequential skill and design development with course objectives becoming increasingly demanding in terms of project scope, complexity, and comprehensivity. Each studio incorporates certain NAAB (National Architecture Accrediting Board) student performance criteria, with the sequence culminating in a Comprehensive Studio project that integrates many of these design criteria.   

Spring 2014

ARCH 8420 Design Studio II

Montilla, Satoh: Farmers' Market for Atlanta, GA; Mixed-Use Museum/Gallery for NYC, next to the High Line

ARCH 8520 Design Studio IV

Green: Library of the Future, varied locations

Harding: Solar Decathlon House; SC Botanical Garden Master-Plan and Bridge Design-Build

ARCH 8920 Design Studio VI: Comprehensive Studio

Heine, Albright, Ersoy: Mixed-Use, Multi-Family housing, Live-Work Start-Up Incubator for Greenville, SC

ARCH 8960 A+H Studio: Comprehensive Studio

Allison: Multi-Family, Aging-in-Place housing for Greenville, SC

Fall 2013

ARCH 8410 Design Studio I

Laurence and Satoh: An Architectural Intpretation of Plato's Allegory of the Cave; Vessel for Light (Storefront for Philosophy); Vessel for Light and Water; A Rural Retreat; Railway Renovation, Anderson, SC 

ARCH 8510 Design Studio III

Harding, Albright, Barrios, and Ersoy: Clemson Transit Center in Pre-Cast Concrete, and Solar Decathlon "Haiku House" 

ARCH 8570 Design Studio V

Montilla: Immigration Detention Center, Los Angeles

Hambright-Belue: Urban Farm, Los Angeles 

ARCH 895 A+H Studio

Allison: Urban Planning, Urban Design, and Conceptual Development for Hospital Campuses and Buildings, Chicago and Doha, Qatar