College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities

PDBE Ph.D. Program

Ph.D. in Planning, Design and the Built Environment

The School of Architecture's Graduate Program is affiliated with Clemson University's interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Planning, Design and the Built Environment (PDBE). The PDBE Ph.D. Program is centered in the College of Architecture, Arts & Humanities (AAH) and directed by Dr. Mick Lauria, Professor of City and Regional Planning. Affiliated faculty in the School of Architecture include David Allison, FAIA, Dina Battisto, Ph.D., Vincent Blouin, Ph.D., Keith Green, Ph.D., Peter L. Laurence, Ph.D., and Stephen Verderber, D. Arch. For other affiliated faculty, see the PDBE faculty page.

Although an individual plan of study may be crafted in collaboration with the appropriate faculty advisor, the Ph.D. PDBE program has three areas of specialization linked to core strengths of the School of Architecture:

Architecture + Health: visit the Architecture and Health concentration web pages for background information and contact Dr. Dina Battisto for more information.

Animated Architecture: visit the CU-iMSE website for background information about design research in Animated Architecture (intelligent materials, systems and environments) and contact Dr. Keith Evan Green for more information.

Design/Build: research in appropriate technology and community economic development; field work in community building, contact Dan Harding, Director of the Community Research & Design Center (CRDC) for more information.