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Student Organizations

The American Institute of Architecture Students

AIAS LogoThe Clemson AIAS endeavors to promote mentorship, professionalism, civic engagement and supplemental educational opportunities to the students of Clemson University School of Architecture. By actively seeking out and collaborating with complimentary organizations, both within the field of architecture and beyond, the Clemson AIAS strives to create a well-rounded citizen architect. We mentor our membership by facilitating peer-to-peer learning through our Studio Culture Initiative, by engaging our devoted architectural alumni via the Clemson Advancement Foundation for design+build and our close relationship with state and local AIA. We promote professionalism through our interaction with stakeholders in the built environment with lectures and other social events. We engage our community through Freedom by Design, a national AIAS program that provides architectural students the opportunity to address the needs of disabled individuals through design+build, and by crossing the aisle to other student groups to accomplish institutional goals beyond the reach for any single organization. We supplement our educational experience by hosting workshops and professionals in the field to further bridge the gap between academia and practice. In this manner we are a dynamic and responsive voice for our members and for the realm of architecture as a whole.

AIAS Officers, 2014-2015

President Shawn Backstrom
Vice President Monica Magcalas
President-Elect Steph McConnell
Secretary Courtney Ardis
Treasurer Maddy Orick
Membership Chair Brayton Gregory
Publicity Chair Courtney Cox
Fundraising Co-Chair Samantha Phelan
Fundraising Co-Chair Madison Hope
Events Coordinator Chandler Blackwell
Graphics Chair Meredith Lenti
Advocacy Chair Joseph Whitt

For more information visit:
National AIAS web site
Clemson AIAS Facebook group
Clemson AIAS blog

Freedom by Design

The AIAS community service program, Freedom by Design, utilizes the talents of architecture students to radically impact the lives of people in their community through modest design and construction solutions. Vital modifications are made to enhance the homes of low-income and disabled individuals by addressing their struggles with everyday tasks such as bathing, ascending stairs and opening doors. Our priority is improving the safety, comfort and dignity of the home’s occupants.

Through numerous AIAS chapters, Freedom by Design (FBD) teaches students how to resolve accessibility issues while simultaneously providing them with the real world experience of working with a client, mentorship from a local architect and constructor, and an understanding of the practical impact of architecture and design.

Freedom by Design Officers, 2014-2015

FBD Director Austin Ferguson
FBD Project Manager Grayson Perkins
FBD Project Manager Nicole Bronola
FBD Fundraising Scurry Charles

Graduate Architecture Student Partnership

GASP logoThe Graduate Architecture Student Partnership (GASP) was founded by a group of students to represent the interests of graduate students studying architecture at Clemson University. We provide a voice within the School of Architecture through addressing pertinent issues with the faculty and administration. We uphold a working link to the professional world, and advocate for professional development outside the University through workshops, lectures, and a collaborative relationship with statewide AIA components. We provide opportunities within the School of Architecture for the advancement of student development, both academically and socially, through events ranging from lunchtime theory seminars to informal social events. We also strive to facilitate awareness within the greater Clemson University by promoting exhibits of student work, and annually producing a student run publication which includes both student and faculty work, as well as accounts of the happenings within the School of Architecture.

For more information visit: GASP on Facebook

GASP Officers, 2013-2014

President Jessica Welch
Vice President John Horney
Treasurer Anna Nguyen
Public Communications Alexandra McCarthey
2nd Year Class Representative Lindsey Watson
3rd Year Class Representative Page Tarleton
Professional Outreach Chair Clair Dias
Professional Outreach Chair Alex Latham
Social Chair Lindsey Watson
Social Chair Kindall Stephens

Graduate Student Government

Graduate architecture students have a voice in the Clemson Graduate School. Alison Martin and Dana Graunke are the current graduate student representatives in the senate of the Graduate Student Government. Please contact them regarding any issues that should be brought to the awareness of the Graduate Student Government.

The Design-Build Institute of America

The Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA) is a membership organization founded in 1993 to advocate and advance single source project delivery within the design and construction community. The design-build method of project delivery embraces architecture/ engineering and construction services under a single contract, thereby re-integrating the roles of designer and constructor. DBIA members include practitioners from all project phases, plus public- and private-sector project owners.

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