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Minor in Architecture

The Program

The Minor in Architecture is available to students in any bachelor of arts program at the university who need to complete a minor and who may be interested in architecture, cities and landscapes. This minor will offer an overview of architecture as a discipline and as a profession. Architects are concerned with built environment, from simple structures to the larger context of urban areas. The minor is of particular value to those who have wondered about architecture as a possible career or who see themselves working in a parallel field where a knowledge of architecture is important. Through a survey of architectural principles, basic design, architectural history, and architecture appreciation, students will acquire an understanding of the discipline and its possibilities.

Architecture is a field that requires registration to practice as a professional. For those who wish to pursue this course of action, the first requirement is a master's degree in architecture from an accredited university. Students are accepted to graduate programs from a variety of undergraduate fields and not only from undergraduate architecture programs. Therefore, students who take this minor and wish to pursue a career in architecture may enter a master's program after graduating in their current field of study. Clemson is one of many universities that offer a three-year Master of Architecture program for candidates from non-design undergraduate disciplines.


A large portion of the minor (12 credit hours) will be offered during the summer at one of the School's off-campus programs locations. These include Charleston, South Carolina; Genoa, Italy; and Barcelona, Spain. The specific location will be announced early in the fall semester prior to the summer offering. The minor in Architecture was last offered at the Clemson Architecture Center in Charleston, a city widely recognized as one of the premier historic sites in America for its abundance of historic architecture of every style that provides a unique environment for the study of architecture.

Architecture Minor Brochure 2014

Take a look at our Architecture Minor Brochure to learn more about the summer program we offer in Genoa, Italy for undergraduate students.


Fifteen credit hours are required for the minor:

  • ARCH 1010  Introduction to Architecture  3 credits   (fall only)
  • DSGN 3700  Design Appreciation  6 credits   (summer only)
  • ARCH 4710  Architecture History of Place  3 credits   (summer only)
  • ARCH 4720  Field Studies  3 credits   (summer only)


The schedule for the summer courses will be posted early in the spring semester prior to the summer offerings. Typically, the six week session will run during the early part of the summer.


Enrollment in the summer session will be limited to twenty students at a given location. Therefore, students will be enrolled in the summer courses based on credit level.

Additional Information

For questions regarding the minor or for registration information, contact Professor Robert Silance at 159 Lee Hall or For general information about off campus studies in the College of Arts, Architecture and Humanities, contact Regina Foster at 151 Lee Hall, 656-3636, or email