Department of English

Endowed Professors

Lee Morrisey Alumni Distinguished Professor
Lee Morrisey

Since 1962, the Alumni Association has named Alumni Distinguished Professors to recognize, reward and support excellence in teaching at Clemson. Currently, there are 19 Alumni Distinguished Professors.  The designation carries a yearly stipend made possible by alumni gifts to the Clemson Fund.

R. Barton Palmer Calhoun Lemon Professor
R. Barton Palmer

The Lemon Professorship was established by the Lemon family to provide for a member of the English faculty who, while a nationally, perhaps internationally recognized scholar, was also a master teacher interested in the mentoring of junior faculty. The endowment provides an expense fund to be used each year in furthering the chairholder's research and fostering mentoring relationships with junior faculty.

David BlakesleyCampbell Chair in Technical Communication
David Blakesley

This chair was endowed by a gift from Bob and Betsy Campbell in recognition of the importance of effective communication skills for all Clemson students. The Chair holds a position in the College of Engineering and Science and the Department of English, thus demonstrating Clemson University's commitment to communication across the curriculum, a program coordinated by the Campbell Chair.

Steven Katz Pearce Professor of Professional Communication
Steven B. Katz

Endowed in 1995 by Columbia businessman and 1941 Clemson alumnus Roy Pearce and his wife Marnie, the Pearce Professor provides leadership in research, teaching, and/or outreach initiatives for faculty and students in rhetoric and professional communication, and promotes communication instruction in other disciplines at the university.