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Ashton Book Image

Ashton, Susanna

I Belong to South Carolina: South Carolina Slave Narratives. Columbia, South Carolina: University of South Carolina, 2010. Print.

This collection restores to print seven slave narratives documenting the lived realities of slavery as it existed across the Palmetto State's upcountry, midlands, and lowcountry, from plantation culture to urban servitude. First published between the late eighteenth century and the dawn of the twentieth, these richly detailed firsthand accounts present a representative cross section of slave experiences, from religious awakenings and artisan apprenticeships to sexual exploitations and harrowing escapes.

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Thomas & Ashton cover

 Ashton, Susanna & Thomas, Rhondda Robinson

The South Carolina Roots of African American Thought: A Reader. Editors. Columbia: University of South Carolina Press, 2014. Print.

Rhondda Robinson Thomas and Susanna Ashton seek in this collection to remedy the singularly narrow way in which South Carolina's intellectual character has been defined in the popular imagination. Thomas and Ashton document an equally important tradition that parallels that of white radical thought. Through this anthology they reveal a tradition of national prominence and influence of black intellectuals, educators, journalists, and policy analysts from South Carolina

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Barfield Book Cover

Barfield, Ray

A Word from Our Viewers: Reflections from Early Television Audiences. Westport, Connecticut: Praeger, 2008. Print.

Tracing public and critical responses to TV from its pioneering days, this book gathers and gives context to the reactions of those who saw television's early broadcasts—from the privileged few who witnessed experimental and limited-schedule programming in the 1920s and 1930s, to those who bought TV sets and hoisted antennae in the post-World War II television boom, to still more who invested in color receivers and cable subscriptions in the 1960s.

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Bennett Book Cover

Bennett, Alma

Thomas Green Clemson. Clemson, South Carolina: Clemson University Digital Press, 2009. Digital.

Thomas Green Clemson (1807–1888) was no ordinary man. He was, in fact, as unique as he was highly educated, skilled, pragmatic, visionary, and complex. To introduce us to this man, fifteen scholars and specialists of history, science, agriculture, engineering, music, art, diplomacy, law, and communications come together to address Clemson’s multifaceted life, the century and issues that helped shape him, and his ongoing influence today.

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Digital Publishing F5 Refreshed

Blakesley, David

Digital Publishing F5 | Refreshed, Second Edition. Co-editor with Kate Agena, Christopher Berry, Jennie Blankert, Chris Eklund, Serkan Gorkemli, Jingfang Ren, Bob Stein, Karl Stolley, and Rita Wu. West Lafayette, Indiana: Parlor Press, 2003.

This multimedia ebook was one of the first (of seven) books ever cataloged in the MLA International Bibliography in 2003. Designed, produced, and published at Computers and Writing 2003 at Purdue University in the Digital Learning Collaboratory, May 22, 2003, from 1:40 to 5:50 p.m.

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The Elements of Dramatism

Blakesley, David

The Elements of Dramatism. Boston, Massachusetts: Longman, 2002.

This brief paperback focuses on the analytical methods Burke coined as dramatism, which has exerted an enormous influence for many years on people interested in the dynamics of human communication and symbol-use in many areas of study, particularly composition and speech communication.

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Late Poems 1968-1993

Blakesley, David

Late Poems, 1968-1993 by Kenneth Burke Editor. Columbia, South Carolina: University of South Carolina Press, 2005.

Kenneth Burke continued to write poetry after the 1968 publication of his Collected Poems, but the poetry from the last quarter century of his life has remained largely unpublished. Suggesting that the Burke canon is not complete without these works, Julie Whitaker and David Blakesley here assemble the poems that the celebrated critic wrote between 1968 and his death.

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Terministic Screen

Blakesley, David

The Terministic Screen: Rhetorical Perspectives on Film Editor. Carbondale, Illinois: Southern Illinois University Press, 2003.

This unique volume is about seeing and interpreting, about visual rhetoric and making meaning, about film as a symbolic form of expression. The essayists convey an approach to film as a set of well-grounded theoretical perspectives including psychoanalytic, semiotic, hermeneutic, phenomenological, and cultural discourses.

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Blakesley Book Cover

Blakesley, David

Writing: A Manual for the Digital Age, Second Edition. Boston, Massachusetts: Cengage/Wadsworth, 2011. Print.

Because writing and reading occur both in print and online, this edition prepares students to work with images, audio, video, and print. "Technology Toolbox" features throughout, as well as two dedicated parts of the book teach students how to compose with technology intelligently.

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Bushnell cover

Bushnell, Cameron Fae

Postcolonial Readings of Music in World Literature: Turning Empire on Its Ear. New York, NY: Routledge, 2013. Print.

This book reads representations of Western music in literary texts to reveal the ways in which artifacts of imperial culture function within contemporary world literature. Bushnell argues that Western music’s conventions for performance, composition, and listening, established during the colonial period, persist in postcolonial thought and practice.

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An Annotated Guide to the Writings and Papers of Leonard Woolf

Chapman, Wayne

An Annotated Guide to the Writings and Papers of Leonard Woolf, Third Edition. Clemson, South Carolina: Clemson University Digital Press, 2010. Digital.

The Annotated Guide is an on-going project at the digital press, with plans to publish notes on relevant archives in Sussex, Cambridge, and elsewhere. Its mission is to share with a global audience vital information about the location, nature, and extent of primary materials widely distributed in their physical state.

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The Dreaming of Bones and Cavalry

Chapman, Wayne

The Dreaming of the Bones and Cavalry. Editor. Ithaca, New York and London, England: Cornell University Press, 2003. Print.

This book reproduces the complete set of extant manuscripts that preceded publication of both plays. In addition to a perceptive introductory essay, the book includes several appendixes of Yeats's notes and commentaries on the plays from their preparation in 1921 onward.

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Edward Dowden: A Critical Edition of the Complete Poetry

Chapman, Wayne

Edward Dowden: A Critical Edition of the Complete Poetry. Editor. Clemson, South Carolina: Clemson University Digital Press, 2010. Digital.

This volume reintroduces Edward Dowden, a significant poet of the nineteenth century, to a modern audience which has forgotten, probably, that this distinguished Irish authority on Shakespeare, Goethe and Shelley thought of himself as a poet first. This is part of the CUDP’s ongoing series “Ireland in the Arts and Humanities.”

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The W.B. and George Yeats Library: A Short-title Catalog

Chapman, Wayne

The W.B. and George Yeats Library: A Short-title Catalog. Clemson, South Carolina: Clemson University Digital Press, 2006. Digital.

This online catalog accounts for every publication that has been a part of the W. B. Yeats Library. The searchable alphabetical list constitutes a census of items that currently define the Yeats Library as a body, including links to and notes on related matter.

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Yeats and English Renaissance Literature

Chapman, Wayne

Yeats and English Renaissance Literature. London, England: Palgrave Macmillan Press; and New York, New York: St. Martin's Press, 1991. Print.

This book makes extensive use of unpublished manuscripts to show how a period of English literature affected W.B.Yeats's development as a poet, presenting a factual account of his acquaintance with English Renaissance writers based on evidence from his library and elsewhere.

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Yeats's Poetry in the Making

Chapman, Wayne

Yeats's Poetry in the Making: "Sing Whatever Is Well Made." London, England: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010. Print.

This book traces the creative process in Yeats's writing, in his making and remaking of verse, and in the development of a whole body of work during the last forty years of his life. The book addresses overlooked findings in Yeats studies and brings to light much wholly new matter.

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Field Book Cover

Field, Jonathan Beecher

Errands into the Metropolis: New England Dissidents in Revolutionary London. Hanover, New Hampshire: Dartmouth College, 2009. Print.

Errands into the Metropolis offers a dramatic new interpretation of the texts and contexts of early New England literature. Jonathan Beecher Field inverts the familiar paradigm of colonization as an errand into the wilderness to demonstrate, instead, that New England was shaped and re-shaped by a series of return trips to a metropolitan London convulsed with political turmoil.

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