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McGrath, Brian

The Poetics of Unremembered Acts: Reading, Lyric, Pedagogy. Northwestern University Press 2013.

In The Poetics of Unremembered Acts, Brian McGrath shows that poetry’s capacity to address its reader stages an ethical dilemma of continued importance. Situating romantic poems in relation to Enlightenment debate over how to teach reading, specifically debate about the role of poetry in the process of learning to read, The Poetics of Unremembered Acts develops an alternative understanding of poetry’s role in education.

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Ecosee Cover

Morey, Sean

Ecosee: Image, Rhetoric, Nature. Co-authored with Sidney I. Dobrin. Albany, New York: SUNY Press, 2009. Print.

This scholarly collection offers different theories about how nature becomes coded in various visual representations and the implications of those representations for natural environments, human and nonhuman relationships, and the very idea of "nature." These theories provide a conversation through which to consider the rhetorical implications for composing nature through images.

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Best Seats Cover

Morris, Keith Lee

The Best Seats in the House and Other Stories. Reno, Nevada: University of Nevada Press, 2004. Print.

Ten short stories by a powerful new voice in fiction. The men who inhabit the stories in this compelling collection live in precarious normalcy, mostly in northern Idaho, balancing dashed dreams with an uncertain progress into maturity, small-town realities with their largely unfulfilled hopes for lives that are somehow vaster than what they have.

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Call It Cover

Morris, Keith Lee  Keith Lee Morris Interview

Call It What You Want. Portland, Oregon: Tin House Books, 2010. Print.

A stunning story collection inhabited by dreams and disappointments, good intentions and small triumphs, chronicles the lives of men lost in the liminal spaces between adolescence and adulthood. For all their flaws — as husbands, as fathers, as friends — the characters are portrayed with depth, tenderness, and humanity.

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Dart League King Cover

Morris, Keith Lee

The Dart League King. Portland, Oregon: Tin House Books, 2008. Print.

An intriguing tale of darts, drugs, and death. Russell Harmon is the self-proclaimed king of his small-town Idaho dart league, but all is not well in his kingdom. In the midst of the league championship match, the intertwining stories of those gathered at the 411 club reveal Russell's dangerous debt to a local drug dealer, his teammate Tristan Mackey's involvement in the disappearance of a college student, and a love triangle with a former classmate. The characters struggle to find the balance between accepting and controlling their destinies, but their fates are threaded together more closely together than they realize.

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Greyhound God Cover

Morris, Keith Lee

The Greyhound God. Reno, Nevada: University of Nevada Press, 2003. Print.

This is a powerful novel of self-discovery by a writer at the top of his form. Seldom in contemporary fiction has the troubled psyche of a compulsive gambler been examined with such empathy and insight, nor has the world of gambling been depicted with such dead-on clarity.

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Constitution of Literature Book Cover

Morrissey, Lee

The Constitution of Literature: Literacy, Democracy, and Early English Literary Criticism. Stanford, California: Stanford University Press, 2008. Print.

This book reconsiders Restoration and Eighteenth-Century literary criticism as debate over theories of reading in the wake of the English Civil Wars.

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Debating the Canon Book Cover

Morrissey, Lee

Debating the Canon: A Reader from Addison to Nafisi. Editor. New York, New York: Palgrave, 2005. Print.

This book is an anthology of 47 essays which situate the canon debate in the history of English literary criticism.

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Architectural History of Brit Lit Cover

Morrissey, Lee

From the Temple to the Castle: An Architectural History of British Literature, 1660-1760. Charlottesville, Virginia: University Press of Virginia, 1999. Print.

This book considers the connections between literature and architecture in a series of British authors--Milton, Vanbrugh, Pope, Gray, and Walpole.

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Kitchen Turns 20 Cover

Morrissey, Lee

The Kitchen Turns 20: A Restrospective Anthology. Editor. New York, New York: The Kitchen Center, 1992. Print.

This edited anthology contains a collection of short, original essays by contemporary artists such as Laurie Anderson, Eric Bogosian, Karen Finley, Philip Glass, Bill T. Jones and others. It is a reflection on the first two decades in the history of a pioneering New York performance space.

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Museums of Modernism Cover

Paul, Catherine

Poetry in the Museums of Modernism: Yeats, Pound, Stein. Ann Arbor, Michigan: The University of Michigan Press, 2002. Print.

This book explores the relationships among four modernist poets and the museums that helped shape their writing. During the early twentieth century, museums were trying to reach a wider audience, using displayed objects to teach that audience about art, culture, and ecology. And writers such as W. B. Yeats, Ezra Pound, Marianne Moore, and Gertrude Stein borrowed these strategies and techniques, creating new ways of negotiating culture, structuring words, and addressing readers. In Poetry in the Museums of Modernism, Catherine Paul contextualizes these writers' poetry and prose in the gallery spaces, curatorial practices, displayed objects, and exhibition objectives of the museums that inspired them, exposing the ways in which museums helped develop literary modernism.

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W.B. Yeats Cover

Paul, Catherine

W.B. Yeats, A Vision: The Original 1925 Edition. Co-edited with Margaret Mills Harper. New York, New York: Scribner, 2008. Print.

Edited by Yeats scholars Catherine E. Paul and Margaret Mills Harper, the volume presents the "system" of philosophy, psychology, history, and the life of the soul that Yeats and his wife George (née Hyde Lees) received and created by means of mediumistic experiments from 1917 through the early 1920s. Yeats obsessively revised the book, and the revised 1937 version is much more widely available than its predecessor. The original 1925 version of "A Vision," poetic, unpolished, masked in fiction, and close to the excitement of the automatic writing that the Yeatses believed to be its supernatural origin, is presented here in a scholarly edition for the first time.

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Writing Modern Ireland Cover

Paul, Catherine

Writing Modern Ireland. Editor. South Carolina Review, 43.1. Clemson, South Carolina: Clemson University Digital Press, 2010. Digital.

This special number of The South Carolina Review guest-edited by Catherine E. Paul, focuses on Irish literature. It includes scholarship on Irish writers as well as contemporary Irish creative writing. For example, the issue features work by Ronald Schuchard, Michael Sidnell, and Jeff Holdridge, as well as translations by Patrick Crotty of modern poetry in Irish, poetry in English by young Irish poets, and a host of contributions from scholars in the USA, UK, Belgium, and France.

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Aesthetics of Service

Rivlin, Elizabeth

The Aesthetics of Service in Early Modern England. Evanston, Illinois: Northwestern University Press, 2012. Print.

This book explores the ways in which servant-master relationships reshaped literature. Offering readings of dramas and prose fictions by Shakespeare, Nash, and others, Rivlin suggests that these authors discovered their own exciting and unstable projects in the servants they created.

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