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Magic Realist Cinema Cover

Skrodzka, Aga

Magic Realist Cinema in East Central Europe. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2011. Print. 

Magic Realist Cinema in East Central Europe explores the interlocking complexities of two liminal concepts: magic realism and East Central Europe. Each is a fascinating hybrid that resonates with dominant currents in contemporary thought on transnationalism, globalisation and regionalism. In this critical and comprehensive survey, Aga Skrodzka moves the current debate over magic realism's political impact from literary studies to film studies.

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Woolf book cover

Sparks, Elisa

Woolf and the Art of Exploration: Selected Papers from the Fifteenth International Conference on Virginia Woolf. Co-editor with Helen Southworth. Clemson, SC: Clemson University Digital Press, 2006. Print.

The wide range of selected papers explore such topics as Woolf's life; her relationship to nature and to scientific and environmental thinking; her attitudes towards London, America, and the Middle East; and the cultural origins and contexts of her outlook on art and empire.

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Engendering Book Cover

Sparks, Elisa

Engendering the Word: Feminist Essays in Psyco-Sexual Politics. Co-editor with Temma F. Berg, Anna Shannon Elfenbein, and Jeanne Larsen. Woolf and the Art of Exploration: Selected Papers from the Fifteenth International Conference on Virginia Woolf. Champaign, Illinois: University of Illinois Press, 1989. Print.

This collection of essays originating from a post-doctoral seminar at the School for Criticism and Theory with Sandra Gilbert examines gender differences in the experiences of reading and writing, in light of psychosexual theories of identity.

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Playing Dirty Book Cover

Stockton, Will

Playing Dirty: Sexuality and Waste in Early Modern Comedy. Minneapolis, Minnesota: University of Minnesota Press, 2011. Print.

Arguing that the early modern excremental body is in many ways an erotic body, this book reads psychoanalytic theory through early modern comedies. It demonstrates that psychoanalysis is helpful, rather than inimical, to the project of historicizing the body.

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Queer Renaissance Book Cover

Stockton, Will

Queer Renaissance Historiography: Backward Gaze. Co-editor with Vin Nardizzi and Stephen Guy-Bray. Burlington, Vermont: Ashgate, 2009. Print.

This book examines the distinctive arrangement of sexual relations during the English Renaissance and the role that queer theory has played in our understanding of this arrangement.

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Thomas, Rhondda Robinson

Claiming Exodus: A Cultural History of Afro-Atlantic Identity. 1774-1903 Waco, TX: Baylor University Press, 2013.

Drawing on a broad collection of Afro-Atlantic authors, Rhondda Robinson Thomas shows how writers such as Absalom Jones, Daniel Coker, and W.E.B. Du Bois employed the Exodus metanarrative to ask profound, difficult questions of the African experience.

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Nickel and a Prayer book cover

Thomas, Rhondda Robinson  Rhondda Thomas Interview

A Nickel and a Prayer. Editor. Morgantown, West Virginia: West Virginia University Press, 2011. Print.

This new and annotated edition of Jane Edna Hunter’s autobiography presents her as a multifaceted social activist who engaged in racial uplift work, impacted African American cultural production, increased higher education opportunities for women, and invigorated African American philanthropy.

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Thomas & Ashton cover

Thomas, Rhondda Robinson & Ashton, Susanna

The South Carolina Roots of African American Thought: A Reader. Editors. Columbia: University of South Carolina Press, 2014. Print.

Rhondda Robinson Thomas and Susanna Ashton seek in this collection to remedy the singularly narrow way in which South Carolina's intellectual character has been defined in the popular imagination. Thomas and Ashton document an equally important tradition that parallels that of white radical thought. Through this anthology they reveal a tradition of national prominence and influence of black intellectuals, educators, journalists, and policy analysts from South Carolina

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Chaste Rape cover

Vitanza, Victor

Sexual Violence in Western Thought and Writing: Chaste Rape. New York, New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011. Print.

Focuses on rape scripts and narratives as informed by a sacrificial economy that grounds subjectivity and legitimizes community. Vitanza rethinks rape through a close examination of how sexual violence is a pedagogy that has become canonized in the form of rape stories.

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Negation cover

Vitanza, Victor

Negation, Subjectivity, and The History of Rhetoric. Albany, New York: State University of New York Press, 1996. Print.

Examines the principles of historiography. Focusing on the Sophists Gorgias and Isocrates, and on how each has been received and refigured by historians, the book moves beyond these approaches to postmodernist ones.

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cyber reader cover

Vitanza, Victor

CyberReader. 2nd ed. New York, New York: Longman, 1998. Print.

The impact of technology -- on individuals, society, economy, legal issues such as freedom of expression and copyright, politics and reporting political issues, sexual politics, and education -- is immense and ever-changing. This book explores some of today's hottest topics and the increasingly important role that new technologies play in society.

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Writing for World Wide Web cover

Vitanza, Victor

Writing for the World Wide Web. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Prentice Hall, 1997. Print.

This Internet writing guide explores Internet communication with the aim that readers will become better writers in both print-based and electronic formats.

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Writing Histories cover

Vitanza, Victor

Writing Histories of Rhetoric. Editor. Carbondale, Illinois: Southern Illinois University Press, 1994. Print.

A collection of essays summarizing recent accomplishments in revised traditional histories of rhetoric and theorizing future accomplishments.

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The Colony cover

Weise, Jillian Tharon Howard Interview

The Colony.Berkeley, California: Counterpoint/Soft Skull Press, 2010. Print.

"The Colony is a tremendous success, one of the most exciting first novels in recent memory." -- Chris Bachelder, author of U.S. and Bear v. Shark

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Amputee's Guide cover

Weise, Jillian

The Amputee's Guide to Sex. Berkeley, California: Soft Skull Press, 2007. Print.

"An agile and powerful poet, Weise references medical literature, history and poetry, speaking boldly and compassionately about a little-discussed subject that becomes universal in her careful hands." -- Publisher's Weekly, Starred Review

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Translating the Body

Weise, Jillian

Translating the Body. White Marsh, Virginia. All Nations Press, 2006. Print.

This collection is the second place winner in the 2005 ANP chapbook contest.

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Technical Writing for Teams cover

Williams, Sean Sean Williams Interview

Technical Writing for Teams: The STREAM Tools Handbook. Co-author. Hoboken, New Jersey: Wiley-IEEE Press, 2010. Print.

From planning and editing documents to solving common team writing problems to managing workflow, this handbook is the one-stop reference that allows teams to collaborate successfully and create unified, effective documents.

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Teaching and Learning Cover

Young, Art

Teaching and Learning Creatively: Inspirations and Reflections. Co-edited with Patricia Connor-Greene, Catherine Mobley, Catherine E. Paul, Jerry A. Waldvogel, and Liz Wright. West Lafayette, Indiana: Parlor Press, 2006. Print.

This book, co-edited by five Clemson University professors from different disciplines and a MAPC graduate student, offers poetry and images composed by students in a variety of disciplines, together with teachers’ reflections on their students’ achievements.

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Teaching Across Cover

Young, Art

Teaching Across the Curriculum. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Prentice Hall Resources for Writing, 1994. Second Edition, 1997. Revised Third Edition, 2000. Revised Fourth Edition, 2006. Fourth Edition republished 2010 by WAC Clearinghouse. Digital.

Written for college teachers in all disciplines, this monograph provides an introduction to WAC, its theory and practice -— on teaching, on using writing as a tool for learning the subject matter being studied, and as a strategy for improving the confidence and the ability of students to communicate effectively.

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Electronic Communication cover

Young, Art

Electronic Communication Across the Curriculum. Co-edited with Donna Reiss and Richard Selfe. Urbana, Illinois: National Council of Teachers of English, 1998. Republished 2008 by WAC Clearinghouse. Digital.

This collection of essays explores what happens when proponents of writing across the curriculum use the latest computer-mediated tools and techniques—including email, asynchronous learning networks, MOOs, and the Internet—to expand and enrich their teaching practices, especially the teaching of writing.

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Bringing Writing cover

Young, Art

When Writing Teachers Teach Literature: Bringing Writing to Reading. Co-edited with Toby Fulwiler. Portsmouth, New Hampshire: Boynton/Cook Heinemann, 1996. Print.

How does instruction change when teachers apply composition theory and practice to the study of literature? The book confirms the value of diverse theoretical perspectives that merge interactive pedagogical practices, and especially of the emergence of writing along with reading as the central business of English studies.

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Critical Theory cover

Young, Art

Critical Theory and the Teaching of Literature: Politics, Curriculum, Pedagogy. Co-edited with James F. Slevin. Urbana, Illinois: National Council of Teachers of English, 1995. Print.

This collection of essays explores the relationships among politics, curriculum, and pedagogy. Critical theory, this book suggests, is generated in and through classroom practice. It invites teachers to see students not as the receivers of our theoretical knowledge but as participants in the making of it.

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Programs and Practices cover

Young, Art

Programs and Practices: Writing Across the Secondary Curriculum. Co-edited with Pamela Farrell-Childers and Anne Ruggles Gere. Portsmouth, New Hampshire: Boynton/Cook Heinemann, 1994. Print.

Contributors to this collection describe and critique various ways the writing across the curriculum (WAC) has been incorporated into schoolwide, districtwide, and statewide programs. The book provides philosophical foundations for WAC programs and numerous specific classroom applications.

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Programs that work cover

Young, Art

Programs That Work: Models and Methods for Writing Across the Curriculum. Co-edited with Toby Fulwiler. Portsmouth, New Hampshire: Boynton/Cook Heinemann, 1990. Print.

This book describes in detail successful WAC programs at fourteen college and universities across the nation. Contributors discuss the nature and history of their programs, successful practices and strategies, sources of funding, problems confronted, and future prospects for WAC.

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Writing Across cover

Young, Art

Writing Across the Disciplines: Research into Practice. Co-edited with Toby Fulwiler. Upper Montclair, New Jersey: Boynton/Cook Publishers, 1986. Print.

This book reports research and assessment studies to describe the impact of a WAC program on the professional life of a single university department and on the pedagogical life of an entire campus community.

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Language Connections

Young, Art

Language Connections: Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum. Co-edited with Toby Fulwiler. Urbana, Illinois: National Council of Teachers of English, 1982. Republished 2000 by WAC Clearinghouse. Digital.

This book offers a rationale and a practical plan for campus-wide cooperation in writing and reading development. Its premise is that writing, reading, speaking, and listening is the responsibility of the entire academic community, and this it must be continuous, in all departments, through all four undergraduate years.

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Shelley cover

Young, Art

Shelley and Nonviolence. The Hague, the Netherlands: Mouton, 1975. Print.

This book describes the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley’s nonviolent philosophy as seen through an analysis of his poetry, drama, and prose. A comparison of Shelley’s and Gandhi’s nonviolent philosophies forms a framework within which to examine Shelley’s insights into the problem of human violence.

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