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Thank you for reconnecting with the MAPC program! Please take a moment to enter your contact information so that we can keep in touch with you. The MAPC student experience is typically close-knit and we hope to renew some of those bonds. If you choose to add your email address to the MAPC alumni list, we will keep you informed every month or so (not a deluge of emails, we promise!) of news in the MAPC community. We also hope to connect current students and alumni for networking purposes, and we'd be happy to hear your suggestions of other ways that you could be involved as alumni.

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7. Mark the ways that you would like to be connected with the MAPC program:

Alumni email listserve (occasional messages with news about the program)
Job listings email listserve (more frequent messages with regional job listings that have been sent to MAPC)
Networking list (allows MAPC director to give your name and email address to current students who would like to talk with you about your job or the job search process)

8. If you have any work or personal news that you would like to share with the MAPC community, please explain it briefly.

9. If you have any suggestions for ways alumni could be involved with MAPC, please let us know.

Thank you!