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Help a Student Join the MAPC Community

Great News! The new MAPC Alumni Fellowship has reached its target funding amount of $1,000! We look forward to announcing the first $1000 Fellowship winner in 2010-11, thanks to the generous gifts of the following alumni: Suzie Medders, Sally Ann Mertens, Keri Unsworth, and Yuanyuan Zhang.MAPC students in class.

The new MAPC Alumni Fellowship has been created to help promising MAPC students afford the costs of graduate school. The Fellowship is a way for MAPC alumni to reach out to up-and-coming students. Our hope is that MAPC alumni will donate to the Fellowship fund, in any amount. Each year, these donations will be combined together and given directly to a promising student who needs financial assistance to be able to join or finish the program. All donated funds will go directly to students. We hope to raise $1000 by June 30, 2010, to enable the first fellowship to be awarded next year.

Please give what you can--a little, or a lot. All donations will be  combined together, adding up to create a Fellowship that represents the support of the MAPC alumni community as a whole. We look forward to announcing the first Fellowship winner next year, thanks to your support!

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(New donors will need to create a log-in for Clemson Connections in order to make secure online donations.)