Department of English

Choose Your Courses

Spring and Summer 2011 Course Descriptions 

Typically, you will take most of your courses during the first year of the program. You may choose to take courses during the summer, or you may choose to pursue an internship or work opportunity in the summer. 

You will need to take four core courses as an MAPC student: English 8500 (Research Methods), English 8520 (Rhetorical Theory), English 8530 (Visual Communication), and English 8560 (Workplace Communication).  These courses provide a foundation of theory and practice in the field of professional communication.

You will also take five cognate courses and English 8920 (Masters Project) to complete your portfolio.  Please see the Specializations section for advice on choosing cognate courses.

MAPC courses are offered in rotation so that you will have the opportunity to take most courses once during your degree program.  It is important to recognize that each course may be offered only once during the semesters in which you are taking courses, so you should plan carefully, in consultation with your advisor.  Consult the semester-by-semester course list for more information.