Department of English

Digital Portfolio

As part of the MAPC program requirements, you will be required to develop a digital portfolio. This portfolio will showcase a select number of projects that you have completed during your time as an MAPC student. The portfolio should house your strongest academic work. Often, MAPC students feature a number of visual projects, research projects, and the final MAPC project or publishable paper within their digital portfolios. The portfolio will also include content writing about each of your included projects. The content writing draws from your theoretical knowledge and often, the MAPC Orals reading list. 

Check out some of the digital portfolios of recent MAPC alums:

Class of 2014:

Stephanie Beard | Alyssa Carver | Brian Gaines | Kate Harner | Katie Mawyer |

Kiera Prince | Laura Smith | Michelle Tuten 

MAPC students and faculty have compiled a number of helpful links for you to use as you create your digital portfolio. 

UX & UI Design 

The Intricate Anatomy of UX Design - List of professional fields that contribute to UX design 

UI Patterns - Screenshots and articles on ways to solve digital design problems

5 Essential Principles of Interaction Design - Adobe TV video on interaction design (part 1 of a series)

Morae 3 Overview - Helpful instructions for getting started with the usability software, Morae 


Persuasive Fonts - Discusses research in taste on persuasive fonts 

DaFont - Archive of free downloadable fonts

The Best Free Font Websites for Designers - Archive of a designer's favorite sites to find fonts


Powerful CSS Tools for Effective Coding - Smashing Magazine presents 50 new CSS techniques, ideas, and solutions for effective coding 

CSS Cheat Sheet - Helpful list of commonly used CSS codes 

CSS Quick Reference - Quick reference chart of CSS information 

Starting with HTML & CSS - Meant for people who want to start using CSS and have never written a style sheet before 

53 CSS Techniques - Web list of Smashing Magazine's CSS techniques 

Dynamic Drive CSS Library - Versitle CSS-based image enlarger lets you display image thumbnails that resize to their original dimensions when the mouse rolls over

CSS Basics - All the basics of CSS, especially useful for beginners

CSS Tutorial - General overview of the workings of CSS, some knowledge of HTML is expected

CSS How-To Tutorial - 12 step tutorial for mastering the basics of CSS

CSS Box Model - Illustrates how to use the "box model" to put padding and borders around everything from paragraph tags to divisions  


Clemson's Official Color Palette - Gives codes for Clemson colors 

Color Brewer Intro - An online tool for picking color palettes 

Color Scheme Designer 3 - An online tool for creating color schemes 

Photo & Video Editing 

Using Shutter Speed - How-to video on using shutter speed to make your productions look better 

White Balance Tutorial - How-to article on managing white balance in photography 

Depth of Field - Why and how to use depth of field in your video 

A-Z of Free Photoshop Filters and Plug-ins - Website that lists free Photoshop filters and plug-ins (CS4)

Free Images - Tons of free quality stock photos 


HTML Dog - HTML tutorials 

Shay Howe's HTML Tutorial - Helpful guide to HTML and CSS for beginners 

Code Academy - Free interactive programming lessons on HTML, Javascript, Ruby, and more 

20 Best HTML Sites - A comprehensive list of 20 top quality HTML-learning websites and programs 

HTML 5 Tutorial - "No Frills" HTML tutorial for beginners 


HTML 5 IE Enabling Script - Piece of code that provides support for outdated browsers 

Web Design

Layout Cookbook - An illustrated reference of web and graphic design layouts 

Fluid 960 Grid System - Cool design template for website layouts 

21 Essential Resources Sites for Web Designers - List of handy websites for designers 


Free Adobe Suite Tutorials - Lists a ton of free tutorials for Adobe Software 

LogoPond - Identity inspiration