Department of English

Complete a Project

You will complete a portfolio to finish your degree. This allows you to synthesize what you have learned and develop an original product that demonstrates your skills and interests.  If you would like to see examples of topics, consult our thesis/project archive.

An MAPC portfolio must include your proposal for a scholarly paper or client project, a journal written during the process of completing the project, a scholarly paper reporting something you learned from the project, a deliverable completed for a client, and a client letter. MAPC students find their own clients for projects, but potential clients often approach the program and students may choose to work with these clients. 

Talk with your advisor and other faculty as you make the choice of a paper or project.  Then, form a committee of faculty who will provide guidance as you work on the portfolio.  The MAPC Handbook provides more details about forming a committee, as well as other steps in the portfolio process.  Most students select their committee chair first and work closely with this faculty member to select the other members and complete a proposal.  Reviewing the faculty's research interests will help you identify appropriate committee members.

After you and your committee agree that your portfolio is nearly complete, you will schedule a defense of the paper or project.  At the defense, you will give a brief presentation and your committee members will ask you questions about your portfolio.  They will probably suggest revisions.  Once you have successfully defended your portfolio and made any needed revisions, you will have a professional product to share with potential employers or graduate schools.