Department of English

Degree Requirements

Like most graduate degrees, the MAPC degree includes coursework but also additional requirements that allow students to synthesize the course material and other knowledge.  To earn the MAPC degree, you:

Class presentationTake the core courses.  All MAPC students take the four core courses: Rhetoric and Professional Communication (ENGL 8520), Visual Communication (ENGL 8530), Research (ENGL 8500), and either Workplace Communication (ENGL 8560) or Organizational Communication (COMM 6640).

Take cognate courses in a speciality area.  Take five courses (approved by your advisor) in a cognate area (also known as your “specialty area”). The degree requires 30 hours of graduate credit (including core courses), with at least 12 of those hours (exclusive of credits in ENGL 8910: Thesis Research) in professional communication. At least one-half of the total hours (again exclusive of ENGL 8910 hours) must be at the 8000 level. Your faculty advisor, assigned by the program director based on your interests, will help you select courses that meet your goals.

Pass the oral exam.  The oral exam tests your understanding of the MAPC reading list.  You take this exam after finishing your coursework. 

Complete a Master's portfolio. Complete a portfolio that demonstrates your mastery of the materials on the reading list and which showcases your work on projects over the course of the program. Defend your portfolio and research paper to your faculty committee (ENGL 8920). Near the end of your first year, you will select three faculty to serve on your committee. These faculty will guide you through the oral exam and the portfolio completion process. The portfolio option is an update from the thesis and project options given to former MAPC students. Consult our list of past theses and projects for examples of the work done by our former students.  

Present the Master's portfolio to faculty and students.  MAPC portfolios are archived in the MAPC Thesis/Project/Portfolio Library. 

Beginning in 2013, MAPC candidates will NOT have to demonstrate a reading knowledge of a foreign language.  Students entering the program before 2012, still have this requirement, and most students take a foreign language reading exam in the summer between the first and second year. Preparation classes are available.

For more information about academic requirements, consult the MAPC handbook. You may also consult the typical timelines for completion of the degree.