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MAPC students collaborate during class.Students in the Master of Arts in Professional Communication program learn about theories, research, and workplace practices in written, digital, and visual communication. The program combines theory and practice; students study the latest knowledge about the field and then apply that knowledge to real projects with real clients. 

This program will prepare you to work as a professional communicator for industry or non-profits or to teach writing and communication. In addition, the program provides the background necessary to pursue a Ph.D. in rhetoric, media studies, or technical communication. Students are encouraged to tailor the degree to meet individual career objectives.  See our alumni profiles and where-are-they-now page for examples of the career paths of MAPC alumni.

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Interested in becoming an MAPC student?  Send an Express Inquiry using the button on the left.  Your inquiry will be sent directly to the MAPC program director, who will respond with more information about the program. 

Who are our students?  MAPC students come from academic backgrounds ranging from biology to communication studies, English to computer engineering, and political science to graphic design. Most of our graduates become website designers, technical writers, teachers, trainers, or public relations professionals, often rising to management positions. Some of our graduates pursue Ph.D.s at programs such as Iowa State, Minnesota, Michigan Tech, and Purdue.

students present during classWhat do students gain from the program?  Through coursework, close interactions with the faculty, and client-based projects, MAPC students learn theories, research methodologies, and practices of professional communication. Graduates of the program have a comprehensive understanding of written, digital and visual communication and can think critically about issues and current debates in professional communication practice. During your course of study, you will also have the opportunity to work with some of the latest technology available for document design in the Multimedia Authoring, Teaching and Research Facility and in the Usability Testing Facility.  The program also offers the Health Communications Certificate, a specialization in the communication specific to the health and medical sector.

What is it like to be an MAPC student?  As a class project, MAPC students created an interactive website to answer this question for prospective students.  The site covers both academic and social aspects of being an MAPC student.  Our program is a community of faculty and students, and we look forward to welcoming new students to our group!

We encourage interested students to apply.  Please use the links at left to learn more about the program and the application process, and please contact the program director if you have any questions.