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2004 National Certificate of Excellence Award Winner
2008 State Commendation of Excellence Award Winner
2008 University CAUSE Award Winner

Provost at Spring 2008 ShowcaseThe Clemson University Advanced Writing Program includes English 304 (Business Writing), English 314 (Technical Writing), and English 315 (Writing in the Sciences). These courses are required by many majors in engineering, science, agriculture, and business. Most of the students are juniors or seniors. To meet the demand for the courses, the English Department currently offers about 150 sections each year, each capped at 19 students. The main goals of the courses are:

  • To prepare students for the kinds of writing they will encounter in the workplace.
  • Through initiatives such as the Guest Speaker Program and Client-Based Projects, to make writing as relevant as possible to business and technical writing students.

For more information, see our statement of pedagogical principles and the pages linked from the menu at the left.  You can also review some testimonials about our program as well as a list of publications and presentations that have resulted from the work of the program.


The Advanced Writing Program is supported by the Clemson University Service Alliance.